Monday, April 24, 2017

One Year Earlier . . .

What happened one year earlier? This ugly dame started a blog! Last April, I started this little blog as a way to continue my studies of women's fashions in Nazi Germany as well as a means to show off my Lutterloh makes. So far, I have made and showed off quite a few of them along with a few other makes as well. From my first ones to my latest ones, I have certainly learned a great deal (I may not have applied it all but I learned). Besides sewing, I have learned a lot about blogging in general. To be perfectly frank, I never thought I was going to be a blogger, never would have guessed it either. Technology and me don't always get along all that well. . . . .

Although it is April now and not new years, this is my "year in review" so to speak because this month marks my one whole year of blogging. Below, a brief look at all of my current Lutterloh makes so far (well, not exactly all). Of the projects below, I have shown you summer sheers, winter wools, day time looks and an evening gown. There have even been some undergarments thrown in. Wow, have I been busy!

Green/ Cream Skirt, 1940/ 1941

A striped, navy sheer, 1941
Rayon Crepe Dress, 1941

Cotton Summer Dress, 1941

Cotton Summer Dress with a Double Collar, 1942

Blue Semi - Sheer Dress, 1941

Not my Favorite Dress But it's Here Anyway  .. . ., 1940

Flocked Dot Dress, 1942

Navy, Striped Seersucker Dress, 1940; 1941

Yellow Seersucker Dress, 1940

A Green and White Color Blocked Dress, 1941

Wool Cape Outfit, 1940

Cotton Insert Blouse, 1940
A Draped Teal Dress, 1940

A Blue Wool Skirt, 1940; 1941


A Green Checked Dress, 1940

a Double Breasted Wool Dress, 1942

A plaid cotton jumper and blouse, 1940 and 1941
A Wool, Plaid Waist Coat, 1940

Wool Color Blocked Dress, 1940

A Very Grand Evening Gown, 1941

Navy Blue Wool Dress, 1940
A Black Wool Dress, 1942

A Bra and Tap Pant in Gold, 1941

A Navy Slip, 1941

 Besides my Lutterloh makes, I have also draped my own patterns and have shown off one of them here. My "Boat Dress", inspired by my Great grandmother's 1940 graduation dress, has been my best work. I am in love with this dress, truly. This dress holds a great deal of meaning for me now too and I am certain will be the start of more, similar, projects. Currently, I am hoping to recreate more of her looks.

Besides sewing, I focused on a lot of research too, actually the primary goal of this blog. Although I know many of the topics I have focused on have been . . .  rather unsavory shall we say? They have been important. It is important to be aware that not all history is beautiful. It is quite ugly at times. Many, o.k. all, of my research posts have been rather unpopular according to my stats given to me by blogger but that is fine. I know that a lot of my stuff here will be unpopular. So, why do I choose to put them up here if I know they will be unpopular? I choose to add these topics about Nazi Germany and the women in it because these were the conditions and people that surrounded Der Goldene Schnitt at the time of its initial existence.  To understand the people and conditions that surrounded this book is, I think, crucial to fully understanding this book and really appreciating it. I should say here too that I post these topics for the sake of research and no political purpose whatsoever. So, with that said, there will be more research posts ( of course). Their topics? Well, I hope to delve more into what life was like for women living under this brutal regime as well as topics concerning culture. I hope to post more on Nazi occupied France and Netherlands as well because these areas too deserve to be discussed in terms of culture and fashion in the 40s.

Believe it or not, my foundation for 40s clothing culture was actually in SS uniforms and insignia. So,  don't be surprised if there are more military topics on occasion. What else will there be? Well you will have to tune in to find out . . . . Oh yes, I hope to keep adding some more instalments of According to Der Goldene Schnitt. I know that I have missed a few months but I hope to be better on keeping up on those. I don't know about you, but I enjoy them. There have been a few interesting dress making details that I have noticed by doing this that other wise I would have missed.

Vintage lifestyle topics will be covered too but not as much as last year. I found although these were fun to write, they could be found on many other vintage blogs. To offer some sort of diversity and uniqueness to my blog, I will be gradually omitting those in the coming years posts. Also, I feel like I am not very good at them. Now, does that mean there will be none? Not necessarily.

What a wild ride though. Besides blogging, I have learned a lot about wearing vintage in general. I am also so happy to say that I think my 40s hair styling has grown by leaps and bounds. I never thought that I would be able to figure out the poodle or figure out how to keep a tidy 40s hair style with a hair net. Wit the help of quite a few style books, my skills are much better now than what they were. What will the future hold? I don't know but I am sure it will hold the occasional hairy situation.

Hat wise, my collection is now the home to some truly awesome 40s hats (well, I think so anyways) that were once only in my dreams. From a green felt bonnet to an all original black bird tilt hat, who knows what I will find next. How exciting. I have also found some incredible buttons, notions, and odds and ends that I am sure will serve to inspire me to keep on sewing. Besides hats and buttons, I have also gained a whole bunch of other littles that make me smile and that I thought I would never find. It makes me look forward to the future.

People! So many people. So far this year, I have met a total of two readers in person. What is more exciting is that only one was not family. It is so much fun to met those who read my blog and it is also a thrill to get comments and emails from my readers. You all make my day! I hope that this next coming year brings me more of my readers. With that said, what would YOU like to see this coming year? Any ideas? How about some advice and tips to keep going?  

Take care out there and thank you for a fun year. Hopefully this show will keep on rolling.  . . .

Friday, April 21, 2017

Frauen - Warte 1935-1936 Part 5

This particular image is very unique and interesting in that it details how to make a very simple yet elegant dress. From one width of cloth, minimal cutting, and some string, a dress can be easily fashioned. This image is multi functional too in that it can make a dress and a night gown.