Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Vintage Takes Time, Vintage Takes Effort . . . .

Vintage takes time, vintage takes effort . . . . But it is totally worth it! When I started to wear vintage I had no idea that I would be blogging about it and getting noticed because of it either. . .Wearing vintage was something that I decided to do for myself for a few reasons and many tell me that they love the look, want the look themselves  but not the effort to get the look. . . I will admit that wearing vintage and having a vintage looks does take a lot of time and effort. . It is not something that occurs over night and not even over a period of a few months . . It has taken me a couple of years of wearing, collecting, researching, and looking at what others were doing to curate my own vintage look.

When I started to get into vintage, I was into almost every decade and had stuff from the 50s and 60s . . .20s and 30s  . .. Gradually I narrowed my focus to the 40s only and then a little 50s and 30s . . .I think I gravitated to the 40s the most simply because I thought it suited my own figure the most and looked the most flattering on me. It took me awhile to figure that out so in curating my 40s look, yeah, that was a very gradual process and it was one that I think really paid off. I like the way it looks on me and so do others . . Its kind of a win - win. . . Does that mean I wear only 40s? Oh no, I have a nice collection of 50s suits too but I am a bit picky . . .

Once I knew the look that I wanted, I had to make it . . That was a process of mostly trial and error . . Figuring out how to do my hair, how to accessorize, finding the right red lip stick, etc. As a whole, vintage takes time and vintage takes effort. . . Once I had all the little bits and pieces assembled, it was then putting them together .. . I think at this stage of my vintage wearing adventure I am at the putting it all together phase and that's a lot of fun . . of course, I still am acquiring the occasional piece but it is to fill in the little gaps once  I find them . . . I would say one thing that helps in wearing vintage is having something for all seasons and weather conditions . . . That definitely makes getting dressed easier and having a practical vintage look too.

I would say that as a whole it does take longer for me to get dressed compared to someone who wears more modern attire . . I know my sister who wears mostly modern clothes (o.k. all modern clothes) gets dressed much faster than I do and I even need to have notice! I am not really one who can dress on a whim. First of all, with vintage you can dress for the occasion . . For example, what I wear out or shopping in the afternoon is not what I may wear when out for dinner in the evening and with Vintage one needs to have the just right everything (bag, gloves, hat, etc. . . ) On and the layers . . .. . Why? Because with vintage there are layers . . .

Vintage clothing is in layers . . . First are the under garments that need adjustment like bullet bras, girdles, and stockings (need to have straight seams you know . .  .). Why are these so important? Because they offer a really nice foundation and allow vintage clothes to rest on the body juuuuust right. Once those are adjusted and proper, one can actually dress . . .Whether it be a suit, a dress, or a look of separates the clothes need extra attention to detail . . . . Such as pressing, steaming, and ensuring they are most wearable and presentable. Last are the accessories - hats, gloves, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. . . Need a coat? Well which coat will do? The long tan wool one or the long black one trimmed with fur? With each look there are a lot of moving pieces if you will and figuring out the right hat with the right shoe to the right glove takes some serious thinking and figuring . . .It takes some work and effort I think more than modern clothing but again, I think the end result is totally worth all the effort. Are all looks glamourous? Of course not - There are plenty of causal vintage looks out there that take so much less effort but still look amazing.

For those starting out, yes the amount of time and effort into just getting dressed and adjusting the foundation garments/ underwear can be rather daunting but the more you do it, the more you get used to it. . .Eventually it becomes a daily habit. I remember when I started to pin curl my hair . .. I did this every night and it look a long time too . . .Over time I got be faster at it and now it is a part of my habit and I think very little of it . . .In fact, not pin curling my hair is odd to me now!  Same to putting on seamed stockings, adjusting my bullet bra, and so much more. . . Vintage takes time and vintage takes effort but it is really worth it.

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