Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Shaving Mug Frock

I have been sitting on this cute light blue material dotted with shaving mugs for a long time. I found this material at an antique mall for a deal I could not refuse and scarfed it up as soon as I could. As you can see, or else saw on my Facebook page for The Ugly Dame, I chose a 50s full skirted frock to make this fabric into a wearable garment.

 I chose this pattern to use again because I loved the neckline and the sleeve and this is now my new favorite pattern . . .. This also shows that you do not have to have a lot of patterns at your disposal to make a wardrobe but instead a couple good ones will do. . . .Just choose new fabrics, notions, and be creative . . .
Choosing the buttons was the hardest part, I swear! I had three narrowed down from large to small to dark blue to light blue but I chose the small dark blue ones with the clear edges .I wanted a button that would look good as a whole with the dress and instead of buttons that would "pop".

This fabric was so light and easy to sew and I think this is going to make a great summer dress for the heat. This fabric is so light too that I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments when there was a good gust of wind too . .  . .But I think that just goes to show that this is going to be a great summer dress and I cannot wait to wear it more. For this wearing, I chose to pair it with red. My red bonnet decked with little white flowers, a red belt, shoes, and my Poppy red beads which were a self treat. Oh, and some little white posies that match the hat's flowers. . . and some bangles too.

I did have one hairy situation where I cut the skirt a hair too short but I think its still a good length and I did a small baby hem to save as much length as possible. . . Long story short I did shave it a bit close so I made a note on my circle skirt pattern to add lots of length. Tired of the hair puns here? O.k. I''ll stop but it is a shaving mug print dress after all.

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