Friday, June 28, 2019

Mystery Solved . . . The Case of the Bar Thingies in my Suitcase

I love my vintage alligator luggage set. I only have two pieces of what was a large set but so far these two pieces have served me well. What do I have? I have my large case and a smaller one. My bigger one holds my clothes and my little one, my personals. Now, I bet you are wondering about the mystery that was solved . . .
When I purchased and started to use my large suit case, I was miffed by the hinged bar contraption that was  covered by the little hook on curtain on the one half. I could not figure out what this was for but I knew it must have had something to due with pieces that needed to be hung up (it was a wild guess). I lived with my suitcase and its mysterious bars for years always pondering its real purpose. . .Then, I figured it out. How? By chance when I found this period Samsonite Luggage ad:
Take a look at the uppermost suit case . . .See how the top of the jacket is hung up and then the body is folded and kept in place by the bar? Yep. That's right. . .Those bar thingies were for suiting! When I studied this ad I was really excited because I love my suits (you know that) and now that I know my suit case has a super special place for suit jackets. . . .Hooray!! Its really funny how I have had this suit case for so long now and now I am just figuring this thingy out  . . . . I guess it goes to show vintage luggage is amazingly well thought out and even more so when one learns how to use it properly. It also goes to show how valuable these ads are for studying and learning. Honestly if I have never found this ad by chance those bars would have remained a mystery. Below are some shots I got playing with it. I think I can use a shorter hangar so that is something I am going to have to look out for. Until then, this works. You can see too the other smaller bar that holds the suit in and the curtain that comes down the cover the suit while in transit. How clever. Oh, the bar also swivels out for easy hanging and un hanging.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Candy Stripes 50s Style

everyday vintage fashion

How fun is this dress! I mean really how fun are these funky stripes? When I found this pattern in a local antique mall awhile back I knew I wanted to make it up just like pictured with the stripes going horizontal instead of vertical. I know horizontal stripes are a little dicey fashion wise but oh well. I love how they turned out here and this dress makes me smile just looking at it on the hangar. Below, the original pattern envelope (and helper of course):

This dress was actually pretty easy to make as a whole and was a lot of fun too. There was a little fussing taking in the bodice but that was an easy fix- I added little vertical pleats to the center front. Done! The skirt pleats and gathers were a little fussy and definitely unique but totally work I think. I don't think I would have added both pleats and gathers together in one skirt but who knew! They really do work well together! I can see myself trying the skirt pattern again on a different dress. The bodice was different  and was not what I expected. the front looked like it buttoned all the way down but in fact the buttons are decorative. The dress front opens only half way, is bound with a bias facing and closes at the neck with snaps. Give it to the 50s for such a unique opening. There is a side zip in the dress as well.
everyday vintage fashion

Paired with this dress I chose red and white and I could have done just red or just white too of course . . .But for now I popped on my red 40s pumps, white bonnet, and white gloves. I chose a dark red purchased belt here to cinch in the waist. I am really excited to accessorize this dress this summer and maybe this winter too. This cotton is really firm and has some great body to it. The red in the stipes also makes me think this may be a great winter season dress when paired with the right sweater. But for now its a beautiful summer number.
everyday vintage fashion

everyday vintage fashion
 Here is a piece that I have had in my box for YEARS but never ever wore until now. . . .A beaded collar. I bought it so long ago simply because I liked the way it looked and was so pretty. I still think it is and that's why I chose to wear it here. I think a plain white on would have looked better but sometimes it is what it is. I still think this collar is as pretty now as when I first bought it so I know it was a good buy.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Flora in Aqua

This blue and brown floral sheer looked so divine and I thought it would just look divine as a 50s dress. . . . Just not sure what kind until I sorted though my stash and found the perfect one. This was a New York Pattern, one that I had only seen occasionally in my pattern box and used really only once (and here it is). I loved the gathered square neck finished with a binding. It was different, feminine, and it crossed something off my list for this year - different necklines!

I followed the pattern pretty well except for the skirt, I chose my basic circle skirt pattern here so I could wear it over my crinoline for that iconic 50s shape. The skirt turned out a little shorter than I would have liked and the hem has . . . um . . .character (yeah, lets call it that . . . ).

Overall, I am really happy with it and its so pretty and great for those hot summer days. I did not line it but instead am wearing a full circle skirted slip that I will be posting about at a much later date. Like mentioned above, I wanted this to be a 50s dress with that full skirt and with some boo boos the skirt turned a little too short to be worn with the crinoline. . .so I had to go without it.

I see now my specially made lining does peek out a bit and that just means I need a shorter slip to wear underneath this number. Oh well, that's life isn't it? We can plan all we want but sometimes stuff does not quite work out like we want it too. . .

 Paired with this dress I chose to stick with whites as much as I could. A large white straw 40s hat, long white gloves, and ivory pumps. I am really excited about the earrings. These are made of little sea shells glued to a screw back earring base. These were pieces of novelty or tourist jewelry from the 30s to the late 50s and how fun are these? As for the belt, it its a purchased one that I thought just really worked well with the dress so I chose to use this one instead of making one. Honestly I am really having a ball looking for belts that I don't have to make myself. I think they add a nice touch.

Well there you have it, another 50s piece in a fun sheer floral that I hope will get some good wear this summer. I am overall pretty happy with how it turned out despite its flaws.
 Of course, when I was getting these shots it was soooo windy! I mean wow was it breezy! I actually lost my hat here in this last one and the camera still went off (timer function). Funny enough I think the picture turned out not too bad so here it is here. I guess it kind of goes with the dress because sometimes things don't turn out like you planned but they work out all right in the end anyway. That's life right?

Friday, June 21, 2019

Stacking Up Bangle Style

As of late I have been having a fun time playing with a new accessory in my box: bangles! You have probably seen me sporting these little items a bit more than usual as of late and its for a couple of reasons . . . .I've been in a bit of a tough time with family and work that I wanted to treat myself and I have been wanting to try to wear bracelets more often as well. . . .This spring the two reasons collided and I took an opportunity to give them a whirl. My first bangles I found at a local antique mall and they were pretty cheap so how could I pass them up? Next when I was ordering some necklaces from Splendette , I took a chance on their bangles as well making my collection grow some more.
I started with earthy tones like green, brown, and a mustard like color then found a wooden one then I gravitated towards some bright reds, yellows, whites, and more. All of these I found antiquing. I even found one bangle the matched (perfectly!!) one of my red beaded necklaces from the 50s or 60s. . .. I found the necklace a really long time ago and to have found a bangle to match in the wilds what luck!
When I ordered from Splendette, I ordered a narrow black one, a narrow blue one and a wide tan ish one.

One thing that I am starting to like about these items is that they can be mixed with all sorts of other colors in my collection so far which makes playing with them kind of easy. . . I'm still not used to the clinking and changling yet but I think that will change with time. . . That and my wrists are so tiny that I have to watch that they don't slip off!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

German Jewelry in Photos

I have a soft spot for jewelry ( I mean what girl does not?) and when it comes to German jewelry from the 30s and 40s I get really excited because its these little things that really enhance an impression. For this post I am looking at the photographic use and evidence of jewelry worn by German women in the 30 and 40s. The images that I am looking at are those in my own personal collection and some of the images I was able to tell pretty well the pieces they were wearing and find real life examples in my own collection! Woo hoo right! With that said I have paired with some of the photographs similar jewelry from my own collection again to give you a better idea at what I think we are looking at.  Almost all the images I will be showing you are going to be of necklaces except for one image that looks like it may be a pin of some sort. I found a lot of evidence for the wearing of necklaces in my collection which I really like because I wear a lot of necklaces. Some of the necklaces that I noted looked like beaded pieces, those with a plain chain with an item suspended from it, and pearls on one.

To start, here is a photo with a lady sporting a beaded necklace. If you look closely, you can see the beads look like they start small at the back of the neck and get bigger towards the front . . Kind of normal for a beaded necklace. These are super common and I have more than one example of them here for you. I really like these because these are pretty easy to wear, make and even buy.

 In addition to her beaded necklace, she even is sporting a wrist watch. The watch looks to have a plain round face and a plain band maybe a leather or a corded band. I am not a 40s watch expert so I am not sure.  . but its a fun piece to note!
Here are some more beaded necklaces. I think these may have been popular!

 Here is another beaded necklace image and note what is on her wrist. I think this may be a chunky bracelet as it looks too thick for a wrist watch. What are your thoughts??

Next is my favorite (so I'm a little biased . . . ) but its an edelweiss necklace on a chain that looks like it may be beaded (maybe?) or else on a ribbon as well. . Either way I think its a great piece and so very German as well. For my two examples I have one on a plain silver tone chain and one on a velvet band. Both are original pieces and both have real edelweiss pressed into the centers. The velvet band one is one I have worn and it is closest to the length in the photograph.

Up next is one I had a hard time with because I could not get as clear an image as I would have liked. I think that this is a plain chain piece with something on it like a small medallion like I have paired with it for reference. The gold filled medallion is a late 30s piece and is all original. I think the girl here in the vest and the one in the white blouse are wearing a necklace similar because I don't see a chain but I see an item that looks like it would sit at the end of a chain. I don't think they are buttons (they would be more consistent) nor a brooch (too low and the placing just looks awkward for that). What are your thoughts? I would love to know!

Pearls! I love pearls and these are so classic, easy to find and super period! Here is a German gal wearing a double strand and sometimes when I look at it maybe a triple strand. Just for reference I paired a set of original 1940s glass pearls with this image but they are not German pearls. These were my Great Grandmothers graduation pearls from 1940. Totally period though and that I would stand by.  

Last but not least, one more set of photos of a gal wearing a sweater and may be wearing a brooch. Its kind of hard to tell what it is but I have a good feeling that that mark on her is a piece of jewelry rather than something built into the sweater. In these two images the brooch looks different but that could be just the angle the image was taken. To me it kind of looks like a bird. What do you think?  

So there you have it! Another look at some German jewelry but this time with an analysis of photographs and some of my originals in my collection. I focused mostly on necklaces here as those were the pieces I was able to ID really well as well a some notes on wrist wear (a watch and a bracelet) . I could not make out earrings which I was a little bummed out about but oh well. I am happy with that I can make out. I would love to hear some of your thoughts!