Wednesday, June 12, 2019

1940s Blue Floral Shirtwaist

Summer is getting here even thought its taking its time. Here and there warm days (incredibly warm at times) say Hello and that means shirtwaisters in fun floral prints. For this day in particular I chose a blue floral shirtwaist that although is not one of my top favorites, is a good stand by. When I first made this one, I cut  the bodice too short and  added a goofy pleat to the front of the skirt that does not help my figure. I plan on fixing theses some day but not too soon to be honest as I have better things to sew.

I will admit that this dress is great for the summer. The print is so cheery and the hints of yellow are a nice touch. To play up the yellow I added a yellow bangle flanked with white ones.  Of course, a yellow sweater for the chill from the wind. No escaping the wind no matter the season . . . One sign of the summer to come are the blue berry blossoms. I love blue berry blossoms because they are so cute. The remind me of little bells  bopping about on their little stems. When I was out looking at the fields I could hear the bees humming.


  1. Blue and yellow look great together! Wow, that's a lot of blueberry blossoms. At this stage, how long does it take for the berries to come?

    Best wishes, Dee

    1. Thank you! And yes it is a lot of blossoms. We are in the green berry stage now, next month about this time we expect to be starting our season.