Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Stocking/ Lingerie Bag Tutorial

So not too long ago I was watching a What Katie Did video about traveling with your stockings which you can watch for your self here. In this video stocking pouches really caught my attention as ways to protect your stockings while you travel. For me, I was really captivated by these little items because one they looked adorable and two I travel with my stockings often and am always on the look out for ways to protect my precious cargo - my stockings. After watching the video, I started to do some more homework about these little items because I wanted to make one for myself.
Stockings pouches were designed to protect your stockings, were small, and were made form soft materials like silk satins or rayon. Materials that were soft, feminine, and would not snag your stockings. These little pouches were large enough to hold up to 3 to five pairs, not too large, and were either round, square, rectangular, with or without pockets to hold your stockings and keep them separate if desired.
In my research, I found a couple of originals on Pinterest and doing a Google search.  Of the originals, they made use of lots of pink and cream colors and fabrics that I am sure were satin based on the sheen (fiber could have been a silk or a rayon). Some had little snaps, buttons, draw strings, or simply folded closed. Some even had initials embroidered on the front. I even found some that were sets, or they looked like sets with three bags in different sizes.
For my stocking pouch, or lingerie bag, I wanted to use only the materials in my stash as I figured I would have SOMETHING I could make decent use out of. I knew that these items were not going to take much material and I thought this would be a great way to use up some of the bits and pieces in my collection of sewing goodies. So what did I all have in my stash? Plenty of laces and a nice selection of fine cottons and silks! What luck!

With my supplies in hand, I started roughly sketching a large and a small/ medium circle. I chose two sizes to see which one I liked more or saw to me more practical (its probably going to be the big one).
Making the Lingerie Bag
 To start, I cut four large circles of a fine cream colored silk. Two circles were going to be my exterior and two my interior or actually my top layer and my bottom layer. To make the soft fine silk easier to work with, I ironed and starched it to death. There is no such thing as too much starch in my world.
Next, I stitched two circles together with a really narrow seam allowance leaving a small opening so I could turn the circle inside out.  I did that to the second set of circles as well and pressed them again really well. At this point I had two sewn circles, well pressed and starched.
Four silk circles ready to be sewn!
Do you want a frilly baggie? I kind of did for mine so choosing one sewn circle I played around with my lace selection until I was happy with what I was seeing. I did not want something too frilly nor too plain. . . .  How about no trimming at all but embroidered initials?? Once I had my circle trimmed the way I wanted it I took it and placed it on top of my other circle (the plain one) and carefully stitched it to the other circle leaving a nice large opening so I could slip my stockings in with ease. I turned my baggie inside out, pressed it once more and added silk ribbon ties to tie it closed. Overall, this was a super simple project and this can be made a couple different ways too but this is how I made mine. To top mine off, I added silk ribbon roses I made myself from some ribbon in my stash.

The first layer of trimming

My ribbon roses and leaves
And the finished product? Here it is! I think it turned out kind of cute and it works really well for traveling with stockings that need a little extra care. The silk ribbon ties help keep it closed.

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