Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Technicolor Dreams

Some dresses kind of assemble themselves in terms of patterns and fabrics coming together so well and I think that's what happened here. When I found this fabric in my local fabric store I just fell in love with it. It was so much fun! It reminded me of water colors and those amazing color films of the 50s. I guess that's where the name comes from for this dress: Technicolor Dreams.

The pattern was a vintage one from my stash and its a Vintage Vouge. I did make some alterations to this pattern to suit the length of material I had. The fabric here was kind of narrow (which I found surprising because it was not vintage material but came in a very vintage 36 inches wide . . . ). Really the only big alteration I made was to the skirt. . . I did not do the gathers but instead chose a simple circle skirt. Oh! Like the pattern for yourself?? You are in luck, Vouge re released it last I saw and you can buy your own copy.

I knew I did not want to do the skirt for two reasons - one I did not buy enough fabric to do it and two the last time I did make this pattern up with the skirt gathers it looked kind of goofy on me. Basically I did not like it on me which is a bummer because I love that detail. Other details of this dress that I really like are the little front opening buttons and the shape of the neckline. Its such a subtle shape and its so feminine. For my take on this one, I chose little light blue glass buttons with the most quite hint of gold. Since this was my second time making this pattern up, it was an easy put together and that made this a nice fun project. I don't know about you but there are times I just need an easy project!! I guess that is why I have not made up any Lutterloh makes as of late. . .. I have had a lot going on and need some easy sewing that needs no thinking (well as least very little thinking. . . . I call it therapy sewing).

Personally, I really am loving this dress and I think its just great for summer. Too bad its so darn cold though! Even the day I wore it here it was a bit chilly for it but I wanted something bright and cheerful and this just fit the bill.

With it, I chose a vintage white sweater, my 40s peep toe wedges, and a pink purchased belt for the waist. Of course, seamed stockings. Can I take a moment to point out my hair here? I think I nailed that 40s and 50s look for hair and I love how it turned out. .. So much so that I gave it an extra shot of hair spray after these pics were taken to that I would not loose it through my day. One trick I have learned to get these waves is all in the brush out. . . And practice ! Lots of practice! And hair nets too, I secure the hair in the back of my noggin with a super fine vintage hair net and for me its the best way to go. One draw back to it is that it gets caught in the necklace clasp all the time (which does get annoying after a short time). But since it helps keep my curls in place I can deal with it. I will admit my hair does not turn out this nice all the time but when it does its a nice way to start the day.

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