Tuesday, August 20, 2019

1940 Lutterloh Dress and Jacket

This is a look that you have seen before but now with some more detail. This was my dress and white linen jacket look that was a part of my capsule wardrobe project. I loved this look because it oozed summer with the light mint dots on the dress fabric and then the crispness of the white linen jacket. Both pieces were from a 1940 Lutterloh pattern.

The jacket is one that you have already see before in my Casablanca Wardrobe Challenge when I recreated Bergman's white linen evening suit look. I chose this pattern for it because I thought it was the closest look and I knew that in the future I would be wearing the jacket again. I really enjoy making and wearing pieces that can serve double (or triple) duty.
The dress, from a distance looking white, is flecked with little mint dots and was so fun to make and is so casual looking. I chose to spice up the dress with mint swirl buttons along the seam of the front yoke. The dress closes at the neckline with a metal zipper. This was a first for me - using a front neckline zipper - but its quite period believe it or not.

The dress does have a collar in the illustration but I decided to omit the permanent one and go for a detachable one. To dress up the front neckline a bit, I chose a floral corsage that matched the red bonnet. You see too I chose red shoes for more pops of red but then a long white glove and pearl screw back earrings.