Sunday, August 4, 2019

June/July in Review

Oops, I missed one of my "month in review" posts  . . ok two of them so I am combining them here. Right now I am as busy as can be with blueberry season going on now which means that my time for sewing, blogging, and doing other stuffs is on the back burner now. This season has been one for the books and I am really tired as I am typing this out to be frank. This season I took on a lot on my plate running both the office, the store and part of the packing facility we have. That does not count managing employees and ensuring we pass our audit each year. Of course I could not do any or all of this with out excellent help which I took advantage of big time this year. One thing that I learned was that I was more capable than I originally thought I was. I learned how to use 3 new computer programs one of which was QuickBooks. Not very tech savvy to start with I am impressed I managed it.   This summer was filled with some ups and downs. As well as being tired all the time my sister moved to Texas which bummed me out.
Anyway, back to more light hearted topics because I am sure you don't want to hear about my working life. Of course I am planning  away for my winter wardrobe. While on a brief holiday a quick trip to the thrift store yielded some wonderful finds - enough fabric for 4 blouses, 4 dresses, and maybe 2 pairs of jeans in a nice denim. What a haul! I have a blouse made up already from a piece in my haul which will make an appearance this winter. For my other winter pieces I got some nice wools.

While on holiday I gave my summer/ spring capsule wardrobe a spin.  As a quick summary it worked out really well! It make mixing and matching super easy resulting in very polished outfits with minimal effort. Also with so few pieces is made packing and un packing easy (because as we all know what goes on the suit case must come out eventually). For this Capsule wardrobe I packed lots of accessories and did not get to wearing all of those. That's how many I packed!

As an update for my Casablanca Wardrobe Challenge, because I am sure you wall want to know how I am coming along on it. . . Its coming along well. I still have the suit look and the white linen jumper look to do. I am hoping that by the end of the this year it will be completed. It took me a long time to find the right material for the blouse and when I did find it I had very little sewing time. . . and pattern making time too . . soo. . .yeah. I'll get there, promise. Actually I am kind of hoping to do a tutorial out of the blouse as I am going to be using a Lutterloh pattern for it.

I did get some stuff accomplished on here though. I showed off some of my 50s frocks this spring and I used some pretty bright colors this time. 50s summer dresses are so pretty but I will confess 40s summer pieces are really the most practical.
Anyways with blueberry season in full swing now I am not doing a lot of sewing and that also explains a lot of the silence here on the blog. This fall and winter that will change I hope as I get back into a regular routine with dressing up and getting pictures. Oh! and you might want to keep and eye out on a product review of Beseme cosmetics soon! I was gifted a violet brightening powder and was so impressed that I ordered some more goodies to try out.


  1. I never seem to have so much time for blogging in the summer either - I am always in my garden. So pleased that you have bought a good supply of fabric for winter sewing. I look forward to seeing your jeans - I doubt if I would be skilled enough to make any for myself

    1. I'm glad that I'm not alone then! The summer has always been busy for me but yes, this winter I'll be a different kind of busy.

  2. As I was reading about the new challenges and changes you are going thru, it reminded me of that Winnie-the-Pooh quote:Promise me you'll always remember--you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

    Looking forward to seeing more Casablanca pieces and the Besame review(always wanted to ask you if you wear their lipsticks)

    Best wishes for the rest of the summer (before we know it--it will be time to wear fur coats again)

    1. Thank you! I used to watch those Winnie the Pooh cartoons all the time, one of my favorites.