Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Floral Corsage Tutorial - The Purple Thistle

So different, so cute and so very vintage. . .The floral corsage but this time in Thistle. These were a part of my vintage flower lot and from this lot I was able to fashion quite a few of these little accessory wonders. This is one of them - purple paper fashioned into thistles. To make this corsage, I wanted the thistle to be the main focus and I did not add many other pieces aside from large green leaves and some little white flowers for some detail. I find this one to be one of the more unique ones and I think wearing it with blacks and deep reds will make a nice pairing. This time I chose my grey suit with hints of pink.

For this one in particular, its super simple and does not use a lot of flowers or colors. For me, that was intentional. I thought about adding the thistle to another corsage but decided against it because these were so different. I wanted them to stand alone. So for this one its assembly was really simple. I started with the thistle with them arranges at different levels so that they would not blend into one. Then I added the white to break up the purple and then lots of foliage.

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