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Say Hello to The Industrious Lady !

This is a different kind of post today where it is not a garment post, or a tutorial, or even a research post but instead it is a meet and greet kind of post! I would like to introduce to you my readers a new blogger and friend of mine Amber from The Industrious Lady! I met Amber through mutual friends after what was quite possibly one of the best Civil War reenactments ever. Since then I found that we both shared a mutual love of anything fashion (vintage or historical of course, like there is any other kind ;) ) and blogging too! I cannot express enough how nice it is to have a friend who is a blogger too.  Anyway, the main reason of this post is to actually introduce my co - host for our  sew along which we have been working really hard on . . .The Halloween Sew Along!

Amber focuses mostly on the 19th century and blogs about her research, sewing projects and even offers tutorials and pattern reviews. One of my favorite tutorials was for a velvet band/ cuff bracelet. Hers was made with vintage materials to get that more authentic look so that tells you the effort that she goes for a project (big or small!). Amber is a new blogger and is just getting her footing in the blogging world so be nice to her and go check out her blog: The Industrious Lady. I've offered lots of link to it here throughout. Not because I told you to of course but because I think she does really nice work and its worth checking out. To help you get to know Amber a little bit I asked her a few interview questions so sit back, grab a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy!
Say Hello to Amber of The Industrious Lady!

How Long Have You Been Sewing?

I’ve been sewing since I was 17 and I just turned 24, so about 6 ½ years.  I had dabbled in pillow cases or little mending projects since I was little, but 17 was when the spark was ignited.
What Is Your Favorite Thing To Sew?

My favorite thing to sew is a lovely ballgown. There is just something so elegant and timelessly beautiful about them.
A sample of some of Amber's work,
 she is really good at those ball gowns.

Who Is Your Fashion Icon or Who Do You Admire?

This is hands down Empress Elisabeth aka Sissi. She has a beautiful story and she was the pinnacle of fashion in her time. Each of her dresses is a masterpiece, and she was absolutely breath taking in each one, yet had a sweet, humble shyness about her. Her crowning glory was her knee length hair, and she has actually inspired me to grow my hair out.

A reproduced velvet cuff by The Industrious Lady
For more on this project and its tutorial,
check it out here .
What Is Your Favorite Time Period/ Era/ Year For Fashion?
My favorite time period would have to be the crinoline era, and if I had to pick a year probably 1862. The war was in full swing and women had to learn to embody industry and still look beautiful despite the shortages the war causes. The fashion plates were much simpler, and more easily reproduced.  When I look at fashion plates from the era the silhouette is a very basic shape with trim or buttons to dress it up. When portraying 1862, I have an excuse to apply tons of black velvet ribbon, which I adore.

How Long Have You Been Blogging And What Inspired You To Start?

I have been blogging for about a year. Its actually been on my mind for a while, but meeting Jennie of the Ugly Dame really gave me the inspiration to take that final step and just do it!

(Aww, Thanks Amber - and I didn't have to bribe her to say that either!)

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Do I have to choose just one? I love all the colors but my favorite is blue or maybe a nice color of pink.
Amber of The Industrious Lady inspecting the goods of a vendor,
she has a very keen eye! You can find that out yourself in her many
research and tutorial posts.

What Do You Do Aside from Sew and Blog?

While sewing does take up most of my waking hours, I also attend a local college where I RA in the dorms. I also knit, ride horses, and also study the different time periods that I sew. Sewing period clothes makes one look like a civil war woman, while studying the period’s mannerisms and ideas teaches you how to be behave and think like one.

What Are Your Sewing, Blogging, Reenacting, Etc.  Challenges That You Would Like to Achieve? Goals?

My goal for reenacting is to learn, and recreate history. To learn about the old trades and ways that have disappeared over the last century.

What is One Thing That You Would Like People To Know About You?

I’m just a silly, quirky girl who is a sewing addict and 19th century lover who hopes to share that love with others and hopefully inspire others like me.
So there you have it! A super quick Q&A with Amber of The Industrious Lady. If you have a moment do check out her blog (here)and her amazing work. She is most talented and I am looking forward to seeing what she creates in the future (Pssst, her project for the Halloween Sew Along is Amazing but you will have to follow her on her blog if you want to see more of it).

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