Friday, November 8, 2019

Autumn Style

I am holding onto fall as much as much as I can because before I know it winter will be at my front door. Of course, although I think of this as an autumn look I think it could work for winter too. Its hard to go wrong with a wool dress and a velvet coat (although this is a light weight one). For this outfit I took out my tailored wool Ladies Day Dress. . .I adore this dress and I think I need to make more like it. . .Shame I did not save the pattern for it! Poo! Of well, I am sure that I can drape another and maybe add in some other fun details to make it different than this one.

Its kind of hard to beat a wool dress when the weather starts to chill and the leaves start to turn. Wool looks stylish and keeps me warm. . .Wool also pairs well with furs and velvets. . .For this look I paired with it some new items that I received at a presentation I did. . .The organizer was going to get rid of the stuff but wanted me to get first crack at the contents of the box. I took home a selection of hats, a velvet coat and a pair of shoes that happened to fit beautifully! What luck!

I have been wearing the velvet black coat a great deal and one of the hats I took home matches the coat well. . . .Its a cute hat and it may need a post all its own. The coat is so soft and looks so glamourous. I kind of want one in every color now!

In addition to the coat the shoes are adorable! They are suede platform peep toe pumps. All topped off with a fun bow like detail.

Other accessories for this look are a new floral corsage, which will be a part of the series and will have its own post here soon, my firry tilt hat and a brown corde bag which I picked up over the summer. . . ..Its a cute little bag and it kind of looks like it matches the dress but it does not in person I can assure you. It would really cool if it did but it does not.


  1. This wool dress is one of my favorites on your blog and never tired of seeing it again. What a lovely coat too! Those shoes are amazing--peep toes, bows and high-cut vamp--and they fit. It sounds like they were waiting all this time just for you.

    Stay warm,

    1. Thank you! Yes, those shoes are proving to be wardrobe staples!