Tuesday, November 26, 2019

November in Review

Ah November, its the start of the holiday season and the weather is starting to get wintery (sometimes but that's Michigan for you). This month was an interesting one for me and was really busy. Partly because I am planning ahead for December's blogging posts and for 2020's posts as well. First, lets look over this month starting with the garment posts. I started to wear my winter attire this month featuring richer colors, wools, furs, and more. I started off with a rich blue dress with bead work and embroidery paired with a navy blue velvet bonnet and tan coat. After that my tired and true wool dress, my striped jacket suit paired with a fur jacket and then a bold plaid 50s style dress.
 On the accessory front, I showed off some new hats and shoes this month but I was all about my floral corsages which took a turn to the berries as well. For the corsages, I showed you three of them - a large creation, a smaller white flower one, and then a more non conventional red frosted berry one. I am so excited about these simple (or over the top) accessories and I have plans for more as well which I am keeping under warps right now and may save them for spring. I will give you a couple of hints - tulips and recreating one from a period photo dated to 1946.

Aside from fashion, I did a few research posts as well including a post about cosmetics in Nazi Germany and I did the last installment of the German Photo Album show and tell which was all about the last wedding in the book.
Looking forward to December, I have lots of craft and tutorial posts planned out all about decorating, making home made ornaments with a vintage flair, and more. This year I get to host Christmas for my folks and naturally I am doing with a vintage twist (naturally!). I have been collecting vintage ornaments as well for my tree and that will be a post all by itself.

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