Sunday, January 12, 2020

My Very Best Vintage Encounters

I have posted already about some of the "curses" of wearing vintage which got a lot of attention and many of you on Facebook had a lot to contribute to it. Thank you so much for all of your input and your stories! To kind of piggy back on that post and being inspired by your comments I am going to share with you some (barely a small sample) of my very best encounters with people while I was wearing my vintage. Normally when people are intrigued enough to come up to me and chit chat the comments are the same. They are asking if I am in a play or am part of a theater group. They ask if I am going to a wedding,  funeral or some other occasion that requires I dress up . . .Other times I get some really interesting comments and conversations! And I mean some real unique ones! I am going to share with you some of my favorites . . .

One day I was in the cat food section of my local grocery store and this lady came right up to me to tell me she had been following me through out the store trying to get a good picture. . .When she could not she decided to come right up to me. I let her get her picture and then she sold me why she wanted one so bad. She said it was for her young daughter to show her that women can dress classically and conservatively while still being beautiful and true to themselves. She saw me as a great example for her young daughter to follow. I was touched that she thought so much of my look. The mother went on to tell me that she was so worried that her daughter would be influenced too heavily by the women in magazines, television, and other media wearing rather poor choices in attire (by poor choices I mean very little) and that she was having a hard time showing her girl real examples of women being themselves. The fact that this lady saw me as an example of that independent woman she wanted to show to her girl was really sweet and it showed me I was doing a good thing dressing myself the way I was. I was a role model and an inspiration.

On an other occasion while out shopping for groceries, this time in the frozen food department I got a really sweet compliment from a fellow. . .At first he came up to me to tell me he loved his outfit and that I remined him of his mother now long gone. . . He said "Your clothes remind me of my mother, we buried her in an outfit just like that". I was not sure what to respond back so I replied "Thank you". . .Right away he replied back "  and I mean that in a good way  too! She was a real beauty in her day and was almost Miss. America! She had to drop out when she learned she was pregnant . . with me." The next few minutes he related to me countless stories of his mother and I could tell he must have had nothing but good memories of her. . .By the end he said "Thank you so much for dressing like that and for listening because I had not talked of my mother like this in so many years. . . I miss her so and you brought back so many memories." I had never been so flattered to be compared to a dead woman before and it felt really good to have brought back all those memories for that man. He is not the only person who has said I remind them of a mother, aunt, or sister or long lost friend and feel really honored when people share those memories with me. . .Its a privilege  to get that kind of insight into their memory.

A lot of times when I wear my vintage the old timers really, really love it and I am a huge hit at nursing homes. . .I don't go to them often except to visit relatives but it feels really good to evoke those memories of their more youthful days. I really like to think that I made their days a bit brighter  and I feel quite lucky that they tell me their memories that were brought back by my wearing my attire.

I often am an over-dresser which gets noticed quite a bit but its kind of a good thing because I have been told I make an event special or more special by doing so. Honestly that makes me feel really good if that is indeed true. I wear vintage for myself really but to know that it made someone else feel happy then that's just bonus frosting on the cake. Personally I think its really important to dress well for any occasion because it shows a sort of appreciation for all the hard work someone put into making that event come true.

So there you have a little but of some of my best vintage encounters. I hope you enjoyed them and I would love to hear your vintage stories or encounters.

So what are your best, funniest, or unique yet positive vintage encounters? 


  1. I love your style and you are a reference for me, born only in 1984 :D i never had a great encounter/conversation as yours, but sometimes people ask if i participate of "something of the 50s or 60s". Recently an old lady asked where i bought my dress (a floral day dress made with a 40s pattern) because she was desperate to have one and couldn't find it anymore.

    I guess they feel some nostalgia of a time when people thought about everyone when getting dressed, since to be well arranged was a way to please people around and to be observed. Today, the "fashion" is all about thinking about ourselves, about comfort, and it doesn't matter if people around like it or not or if the set is beautiful or even colourful (mostly not), because it seems the thing now is to be invisible. Wearing vintage style, for me, it's a way to spread beauty and also it reflects a lot of self-steem/self-caring. And some feel this energy, or better, they interpretate the message the clothes can pass :)


    1. Thank you for your comment and I think you said it really well. Vintage spreads beauty, so true!