Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Valentine's Day Lookbook

Are you looking to celebrate Valentine's Day in vintage style? I know I am and for this blog post I wanted to give you a vintage Valentine's Day Look book filled with some of my Valentines inspired looks with a vintage twist. I made use of my own made pieces as well as some true vintage and faux vintage items as well. I had some fun with these looks and I tried to make use of some reds, pinks, and a few other colors too like grey and black (classic neutrals) because when I think of Valentines Day those come to mind right away. . .As do flowers and fun accessory options. Anyways, enjoy my Valentines Day look book!

For my first look, a candy striped 50s dress paired with a frilly fluffy 50s petticoat and cranberry satin pumps. Pearls top off this look and add a soft romantic touch. Of course, white wrist length gloves are a must as is a fat white cat.
Is a dress too frilly? Looking for something more chic and sophisticated? Try a lipstick red suit paired with a sparkly brooch and a metallic gold evening bag. Paired with black pumps, gloves, and hat this Valentines Day look can go from day to evening in the most chic way possible. 
Don't become a Frozen Charlotte this season. Pair this red suit above with a black coat and to add a festive touch add a floral corsage. A red silk tulip with sprays of white add a nice touch. My hat is a 50s piece with beaded silver and white leaves. It is the details that make a look .
Take any suit and enhance it with a large floral corsage. Mine is over the top in size with three large silk tulips and sprays of white buds. If your sweetheart is not going to treat you to flowers then treat yourself! A large floral corsage can be worn at any time. Cranberry satin shoes pick up the hint of red in the stripe of the suit jacket.
Staying in? Going casual this Valentine's Day? Then how about a pink sweater paired with a white knitted top and grey skirt. A matching pink belt cinches in the sweater for a cute 50s look while a vintage pink and brown scarf wrapped around the head offers a fun touch. A floral pin adds a hint of the spring season we all know is coming ! 
In addition to these looks, check out some of these accessory ideas to take a look from "Every Day" to Valentine's Day. . . .You don't have to have a whole vintage outfit to bring vintage to your look. In fact, a little accessory can add a lot of special touch and do be creative too! For accessories, try adding a red hand bag, red or pink seamed stockings, a heart brooch, or else a fun scarf tied around your hand bag, head, neck or even as a belt (if its large enough).