Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Castle

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Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosalas

Welcome back to The Castle! Production of this film is back on track and I want to share with you all once again this mini interview I did with the Director of this film. I hope you enjoy it again and if you missed it then here it is again for you to check out.  
In the world of movies I think we all know that its hard to find  original films from original ideas but The Castle directed by John Tomasek is one of those rare items - an original independent film. An original WWII horror film to be exact.  This film is one to keep an eye on, not because I had a little hand in it being an extra and serving as an advisor for the costuming and hair, but because the setting, the plot, and all the little details that went into making it are astounding. I would give you a summary of the plot but knowing me, I would give it all away. So, if you would like to see how cool this film is going to be check out its teaser on Instragram here (totally worth doing!). Of course the trailer can be found here. What I can tell you is that if you are a fan of Lew Temple from The Walking Dead or Matthew Ashford from Days of Our Lives then this is a film worth checking out. Do you get into movies with amazing settings? Horror films? Then this film is for you.
Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosales

I was so lucky to be involved in this this film and the process for making it and I was even luckier that the director was a willing participant in my mini three question interview! Thank you so much! I kept my interview really short and asked the top questions I wanted to know about The Castle to share with you all.
Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosalas

 Where did the idea of The Castle come from?
"About a year ago my Producer/friend Ron told me about this his location far out in Oregon Illinois called the Stronghold Castle. The Castle is a Tudor style and was built in the 1920’s to look as if it was built in the 16th century. The first thing I noticed is that this location is surrounded by 400 acres of Forrest and could look like any Castle in Europe. We had just completed a WW2 TV pilot episode called TRAITOR and I made a lot of great contacts so I had an idea to write a WW2 Horror movie with this Castle. "

How long have you been working on The Castle?
"I’ve been working on this project for about a year now from concept, writing, producing and filming a trailer/teasers and artwork. I brought David Michael Ross onboard from Tranquil Bay Entertainment, to help as a Writer and Producer and we just clicked right from the beginning."

What has been ( or will be ) the most rewarding part of this film
  " The most rewarding thing on this film I would have to say is a few things. Working with my daughter Ariana who plays a supporting role in the movie is one, working with the talented cast and crew is another rewarding experience for me. We’re also lucky to have Lew Temple (The Walking Dead, The Devils Rejects) and Matthew Ashford (Days of our Lives/The Bay) working with us on this Feature. Working with everyone has been such an honor and so rewarding of an experience!"
Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosales

 Excited about The Castle? Well I know that I am and I hope you are as well. This has been a project that has been in the works for a long time and has been a maximum effort event. Before this project I had very little understanding of the process it took to create a full feature film and wowzers. It is really impressive. Its not quite like a high school or local theater production, this has been the real deal and I hope that when this is done you go check it out (oh and keep an eye out for me too!).

Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosalas

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