Monday, March 23, 2020

40s Casual with Wool Slacks

As I am sure you have guessed, I am busy as a bee working on the Lutterloh Sew Along Master Class getting the patterns up with images and instructions. Some of you are participating and thank you for doing so! I hope you are learning a great deal and are finding it an enjoyable experience. With that said, I have not had too much time to get up garment posts, even of the items I have made up for the sew along - I am kind of waiting for warmer weather and I am not sure how I want to present my final pieces either . . . .I kind of want to wait until they are all done and do one big reveal.

For a garment post today I have wool slacks! Something really different for you to see because normally I am all about wearing my skirts and stockings. These wool slacks were made years ago and they have gotten a great deal of wear. I am wearing them a lot while working on the Sew Along as they are so very comfy. Paired with them is a knitted top and button down sweater. For some added spunk a novelty jewelry set from Luxulite. I am in love with her jewelry - so much fun and so well made. As you can see, I am keeping things super casual over here today!

My button sweater is from Vivian of Holloway, its the Jenny Cardigan and I love it. Its my new favorite sweater and I now want one in every color. I'm thinking of getting the dark green and dark red one next and I am looking forward to trying out some of their other knitted tops too. I love a good sweater and this one is amazing. I'm impressed that it is a nice thick knit and not a thin cheap one. As for the slacks, I made them years ago from a pattern that was gifted to me by my great aunt. Its a great pattern and one that I have made use of a lot. This pair features a wide waist band, a side button placket and a deep hem too. The wool is a super soft weight and texture - they are just the ideal pant. Hopefully I will get more made up eventually.
Slacks - Made by Me 
Sweater - Vivian of Holloway
Pin and earrings - Luxulite 
Knitted top under sweater - vintage 
shoes - vintage 


  1. You look great in these slacks - it is not often we see you in trousers!

    I was looking for a similar pair for myself as I was taking part in a reenactment to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day in May - but it has now been postponed.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's not often slacks end up here as I wear them a lot for work ( farming and skirts dont mix too well here).

      Lots of events are getting canceled here too and I'm looking forward to when they will be back. I know it will happen someday but in the mean time its red lipstick on and trying to stay in good humor.