Handbags and Purses for the German WWII Civilian Reenactor

So far I have covered hats, shoes, stockings, jewelry, clothes, and so much more but I have yet to cover hand bags or purses here. I know many of you love your hand bags - I know I love mine - and I thought a look at German hand bags would be a good idea. Thankfully, the photos I have in my collection of everyday German women were fond of their hang bags too and were often photographed with them. Great for us, yes? Well yes! Of the many in my collection the ones  have shared here are the clearest for showing off the handbags and thankfully magazines showed them as popular accessory options. That all means we have a rich image source to work with.

Below are two images of some gals sporting their hand bags with pride front and center. These bags are rectangular in shape, some have handles, one may be a clutch style bag. Two appear to have a clasp at the top while one has it at the front. As for the  one image of the single girl who has her bag center front, I have often wondered if what she is holding is a camera case as the bag is so small in size.

Here next is a fashion parade of images from the Frauen - Warte from the years 1941 - 1945. What I did was I scoured my collection and I picked out the hand bag images. I have shared these images many, many, many times and if you are interested in the full spreads then you can do a search for them on this blog. Since today I am looking at such a specific and nick picky topic I figured it would be in our best interest to look just at hand bags instead of the entire spread. If you look closely you will see a healthy mixture of long handled bag that cross over the shoulder, clutch bags, bags with gathered details, bags that match outfits, round bags, square bags, bags of many sizes, materials, and even shapes (to a degree!). When it comes to hand bags for your German civilian impression you do have some options and finding a period bag is not hard to do. Often these originals are rather affordable or else a reasonable 80s does 40s piece can be used. You can even make your own if you are inclined to do so. The variety, as you will see, is almost exhausting.