Monday, May 18, 2020

Pretty in Pink Suiting

My goal is to someday have a vintage sit in every color and I can scratch pink off the list. This great pink suit was one that was on my list for a few months now so when I saw it I had to have it. Best of all it matched my measurements pretty well so this was a great buy. The skirt has a pleat in both the front and back. The suit jacket has a single button at the waist and has a great lapel and collar detail that I don't have in my collection already. . .well. . .now I do. There is no back collar so it's just the front lapels. The back of the suit jacket is a very relaxed fit with little to tailor it to the body. I think this relaxed tailoring makes this a great casual suit. 
Paired with this great suit that just oozes spring time fashion is a square necked asymmetrical blouse with large buttons and ruffled trim. Also here are some two toned Oxfords from American Duchess (Royal Vintage) with adorable leather fringe and a 40s vintage hat with fantastic wide brim . . . . That catches all the wind and then some. Actually keeping this hat on was a challenge! 

So the blouse . . . .This blouse was from a 40s Simplicity pattern that also had a suit pattern with it! It was for a whole outfit. I had actually made this blouse before but it did not turn out. At all . . So I stashed it away until this January when I took it out again. I was almost finished with it aside from some light touching up but it took me until this month to actually finish it completely. . . .Ugh. Its the small things. Why this blouse did not turn out for me all those years ago I have no idea but I am so glad it did this time. I love this blouse and I want more. Lots more. I am really digging the asymmetrical styling lines and the bold buttons. Even the button holes . . . I got a little creative with  the button holes adding a bit of embroidery. The square neck on the blouse is really unusual too for me. 

Finally! The weather here is more appropriate for spring and the timing could not have been better. I have been looking forward to the warmth of spring for a long time and with it are blossoms. Blossoms make for the best backdrops don't they? I think so. 


  1. This look is great casual chic. Love your accessories with the pink suit. What a fun hat! I love big brims. And blossoms. Yay!


    1. Thank you! I love large brimmed hats . . .and so does the wind.