Friday, July 17, 2020

My Rain Day Essentials & More

Rain, rain, and more rain . . . As a result of  rainy weather I have had to get a little creative about my wardrobe selection and break out the rain wear (or rain appropriate stuff at least). So that brings us to this post: my rain day essentials. I think when it comes to weather like this, and I still want to maintain my vintage look, I have a few key pieces that I rely on a lot to stay warm, dry, and fashionable. Those pieces are my trench coat, silk scarves, and an umbrella if possible. Of course having the right clothing an accessories helps but there is a lot more to maintaining a vintage look when the weather goes poor.

I love my trench coat for rainy days and days when its too cold to go without coat and too wet for a wool one. My trench coat is not a vintage number but it sure does look like it. A nice thing about these styled coats is that they really did not go out of style. This coat also has a nice long skirt which is great for my longer 50s style skirts and for days when it is really windy and I need more coverage on my legs. This coat is also water proof so if I get all wet its not worry. For me its really important to wear pieces that can get wet because when it rains . . . that's what happens. I wear a lot of vintage that I prefer not get wet so this coat does a great job protecting those clothes when I still want to wear them,

Silk scarves, or any fine scarves for that matter are great rain day essentials. They can keep hair dry, styles in place, and are so easy to store (they fold and roll up so well!). When not in use, I tie mine around my purse or around my neck for easy access. I like the really large ones for rain days because I can wrap them around my head really well and keep my hair style in place and my ears warm. A scarf also does a great job on tying a look together.
An umbrella is a nice addition but one I know I go without often. Mostly because my umbrella is a real vintage one and I don't want it to be damaged by strong winds. They are fun to look for though and I like to keep an eye out for interesting and pretty handles.

Some other tips that I have for maintaining a classic old fashioned look are keep it simple. When I know its going to rain I keep my hair simple and confined. I avoid complex styles that cannot hold their shape in their own. One of my favorite hair styles for rain days is the up do because the bobby pins, hair rats (large wads or pads of hair - faux hair for me), and hair spray keep my hair from falling flat. I will avoid wearing my hair down in the rain because water, moisture, and humidity will cause my hair to lose its curl and lose its vintage look. Hair spray . . . .There is no such thing as too much hair spray when it rains . . . I will layer it on and on and on. Like I said, there is no such thing especially for me because of how my hair can be. As for make up, I will add on an extra layer of powder and really set my face with as much as I can that looks natural. Then I will keep a bit extra in by bag if I need it. For my mascara, I do use the Besame cake mascara and once that stuff  dries I have found that it does not run even when I get rained on. Unless I get totally soaked I normally do not have an issue with make up blunders in the rain.
For shoes, I wear shoes that I know can get wet and can still hold up. . .I will try to avoid wearing my true vintage shoes because I do not want those leather soles to get wet. . .Leather and water don't mix too well. Instead I will try to wear my vintage style or reproduction pieces with rubber soles which can get wet and still be durable. Hand bags? I really like the patent plastic ones . . .The water just rolls off. I will carry a real leather one on occasion but I make a point to wipe the water off as soon as I can. In fact, I like to keep a hankie, a piece of paper towel, etc in my bag just for wipe offs. Gotta be prepared. . . .

So what are your tips and tricks for staying lovely in the rain and keeping that vintage look fresh? 

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