Monday, September 7, 2020

40s Casual with Tan

I bought this true vintage dress dress last year at Rockford WWII Days because I saw it as a comfortable 40s dress that was easy to wear and perfect for the cooler weather. I also loved the color and all the buttons. Best of all this dress just goes with so much in my closet already. It's hard to believe that this dress has been in my closet a year already. 

For this wearing I chose my newest tan alligator pumps from BAIT and my fakelite necklace from Splendette's fall range from maybe 2 years ago. The stockings are from WKD and looking at these photos I really should have chosen a shade darker to better to with my farmer's tan. I kid you not, there is not enough sunscreen in the world that works for me when I work outside all day in the summer. When I have it on it just sweats off in minutes. . . .Thank goodness fall is almost around the corner. I love the fall the most because I get to enjoy time off, relax, and not melt in the heat. 

 This is a dress that I have worn many times and this dress has been featured on this blog before. . .Why show it to you again? Because its just that great of a dress that's why. I love how casual this dress and it is so comfortable too. 

Not shown here is the tan hand bag that I found in my wardrobe that just so happens to go perfectly with these tan pumps. Which means I can scratch tan pumps off of my wish list. If you remember, I created this list a few posts back to help fill in some wardrobe gaps I noted in my wardrobe. Not yet shown on the blog I did manage to find a pair of green strappy pumps and shown on the blog already I did find my yellow pumps. As you can see. . . I am doing really well scratching things off of my vintage accessory wish list. Some things that I am having a heck of a time finding are green handbags and belts to go with what I have now. . .Who knew there were so many shades of green!! Maybe later this year I will find them yet (fingers crossed!). 
  • burgundy/ wine red pumps with hat to match 
  • white pumps 
  • green pumps/ sandal or strappy 
  • green hand bag 
  • green belt (s) 
  • yellow pumps 
  • yellow hand bag 
  • tan pumps 
  • tan hand bag 
  • two tones hand bags? 
  • pink shoes and hand bags?? 
  • blues? light or medium 

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