A Love Affair with Leopard

Lately I have been on a leopard kick. It all started with this amazing leopard coat from the late 50s and has since grown to 2 scarves, a top and a new set of underpinnings from What Katie Did (I was lucky enough to score a whole set of the limited edition cheetah black Friday set. I know it's cheetah print but it looks so close to leopard). Of course I have been doing a lot of looking too. So far I have looked at another leopard coat, this one from the 40s as well as a few other accessories. With all the accessories I keep dreaming up and eying I am thinking I may end up making some. I'm not sure how hard or easy it will be finding the right faux leopard fur and then whipping it up but I guess I have to try somewhere at some point.  When I was shopping for the true vintage stuff, most was way out of my budget but that's the beauty of knowing how to sew . . . . One can whip of equally lovely goods at (hopefully) a fraction of the cost. 

Paired with this amazing leopard coat is a 40s suit with striped jacket. Tan wool beret and gloves add some popping contrast to the wine red satin pumps. This was a great fall look for me last year as it was cozy warm and visually interesting. By the way, this is my last catch up post. If you did not know, I had computer trouble last year and could not access the camera photos I took in September (but now I am all caught up! Thank you for hanging in there with me). 


  1. I love leopard too! I think it would be better to make a matching muff, collar, cuffs and hat yourself. (Not to wear all at once!) I have a vintage faux fur collar and matching muff but the muff is too small to use as a purse. It has a zippered pocket but can't hold much. From experience, I know how annoying it is to hold a muff and a purse. Those large 1940s muffs can be used as a purse and muff. (Another reason to love 40s fashion!)Maybe you can find a sturdy-ish leopard print fabric instead. Some videos online show how easy it is to make a muff and you can make it 1940s size. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing whatever you make in 2021! Happy, healthy New Year to everyone reading this!
    Best wishes, Dee


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