On the Sewing Table

 So what has been on my sewing table as of late? Well quite a bit actually. I have been in a sewing slump but I think I am starting to crawl out of it now. It all started with my favorite shirtwaist pattern and some bright and colorful thrifted cottons. Then using the same patterns with some alterations I took out my drapey fabrics for some more fancy designs. Its amazing what you can do with one pattern. First is my cotton shirtwaist in peach and green cotton.  The peachy colored cotton was a thrifted find from this summer and it happened to be an exact match to some vintage buttons in my stash. Sadly I did not have enough of the pink for a full dress and I had to add in something else to make it all happen. Enter the green cotton. The green was from my moms sewing box and worked perfectly. I was a little hesitant about the peach and green but it just works. 

Next on the table was this blue abstract print in a very draped design. Using my trusty shirtwaist pattern, I made a few adjustments to the bodice to get this wrapped look. I kept the skirt, sleeve and bodice back the same. To the skirt I did add a fun water fall like drape which was super easy to do. I think every time I have a soft drape fabric I may be adding that embellishment. It looks really complex at first glance but its quite deceptive. Any interest in a tutorial on how I achieved that? If so let me know. I have added a sneak peek of my skirt embellishment but will keep the rest under wraps until the big reveal. The fabric here was a thrifted find too at a whopping $0.89 for all 3 yards. 

Using the same design as the blue above, I took some black and white and made another version. I made a few adjustments to the skirt, adding pleats and a removable peplum. This fabric too was a thrifted from the same place as my other fabrics. It has a beautiful drape and texture and cost me only $1.99! 

Small update and announcement  here. . .I lost all my files and PDFs when my computer hard drive took a crash. Which means I also lost my PDF Lutteloh ruler and all of my digital Lutterloh books too.  As for the ruler, I need to make a new file, scan it and turn it into a sharable PDF which takes time for me to do. Technology is not my strong point so if you have contacted me for a ruler and have not gotten one that is why. You can still find it online in other places.  . .Just not here for the moment. When I get to a new ruler I will let you all know. 

Big news here ! I have my own custom clothing labels! I don't know why it took me so long to get these done because they were so easy and affordable. That and I think they look amazing. Not only  that but I think they make the clothes and accessories I make look just a little but closer to real vintage. I know its such a small and silly detail but they really make a big difference. I am so tickled about them and I will be definitely getting more. It really is the little things in life that make it all the more bearable right now.