Shirtwaist in Peach & Green

From my favorite 1941 Lutterloh pattern, once again, I offer up a color blocked shirtwaist from thrifted fabrics and notions. The peach fabric was from my favorite thrift store and I was hoping to get a whole dress from just the peach. As you can see that did not happen. I just did not quite have enough of it. Slightly disappointed I put the peach aside and looked into my fabric cabinet for what I could find to pair with it.  I tried some white and some creams . . .Nope. . .Then I found this green. I was a little unsure of the combo but I decided to just go for it. I figured if I really did not like it I could sell it in my Poshmark shop. Well this charming number will not be sold anytime soon. I am really happy with it. 
So I made some alterations to my original pattern by breaking up the pattern and then I took my side bodice sections and added some width. I added up enough to do some very crisp pleats. Honestly I am so tickled on how the pleating turned out I may have to do more of it. From the green, which was my moms, I did the bodice sides, sleeves and back. The peach was everything else. The green is a cotton but the peach may be a linen and cotton blend. All I know is that  the peach wrinkles horribly.  

So I just have to talk about these buttons! These were from a dear friend who wanted to reduce her button stash and they were the perfect match to the peach. I mean it was almost too good to be true. There were a lot of other projects that these buttons could have gone on but I just had to put them on this what ever this peach fabric would become. Not all of the buttons here are functional. I took 4 and made them decorative on the collar. To complete the look, an original 40s hat in white straw, vintage gloves, pearl jewelry and the shoes are from the clearance sale by BAIT. 



  1. I think the color combination is lovely. I especially love the buttons. The ones on the collar are a nice, unique touch. :)



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