The Basic Black with Leopard


A long ways back my favorite basic black dress was worn out. I had worn it so much that the zipper had busted, the fabric had faded so much it was time for it to retire to that great clothes closet in the sky. Thankfully I had saved the pattern I used and was lucky enough to score this great slinky black fabric at a thrift store ( I get almost all of my thrifted fabric from the same two places). I was lucky enough to have enough of this black to get out of it two full dresses and this is the second one complete with a removable peplum. The peplum is so pretty and the antique beaded trim makes it so. I had been saving this beaded trim for years and years. After so long I decided to just use it. 

Of course I don't have to wear the peplum if I don't want to. Here I chose to pair my little black number with leopard belt and hand bag. Both of these accessories I scored off of Poshmark for a deal. I had looked for leopard accessories on Etsy but nothing was in my price range. Then on a whim I looked on Poshmark and was greatly rewarded. Now these are not very vintage but they are second hand and just as nice. The hat, pearls and gloves are vintage. The shoes are from BAIT. Since its a little cold out I paired with outfits with a vintage fur jacket to really make this look cozy and chic. I think this dress will be a fast favorite of mine and will be a worthy replacement for my long worn out one.