A Cranberry Red 40s Suit At Last


Have you ever searched endlessly for that one coveted item? Only to one day on a whim actually find it? Well for me a search that has taken me a year and half has finally been competed. The wait was certainly worth it I think because I now have a very tricky to find cranberry red suit. I am grooving in this suit because it has been a color on my hit list for a long time now. I think it is a color that suits me and works really well with the accessories already in my wardrobe.  Why was this suit so hard to find you ask? Well for starters it had to fit, fall into my budget, be in great shape,  and be already in the US. I really do not like shopping for vintage that has to travel across the ocean right now for reasons I am sure all, if not most, of you will already understand. Finding a suit that was in this particular color and fit onto all of my other criteria was a task indeed! I could not tell you how many hours I spend looking for this charmer! 

I love this suit! The buttons, the charming tulip side detail, the lines of the collar all fall into make a classic and sharp 40s suit. For this wearing, I chose browns but I was tempted to go with black, creams, tans, and even green! I suspect this suit will get a lot of wear in the future getting paired with every color I can manage. Even more exciting? It pairs incredibly well with my lipstick, Wild Orchid by Besame. I love it when everything just falls into place.  . . Accessories here are all great 40s pieces. 


  1. Love the brown accessories with the cranberry. It's a yummy color! Your furs look just right and even with a glitter in their eyes that shows excitement. :)



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