Almost Spring

Spring is almost around the corner here. The snow is melting fast, my daffodil leaves are starting to break through the crust of the dirt, and I saw my first robin not too long ago. The days are starting to get just that little bit longer too. Spring is coming but that does not mean coats are all gone. In fact it means I can wear my lighter weight coats like this buttery yellow one. I found this coat for a deal over the winter when my sweetie surprised me with a little antiquing outing. This coat was buried in a rack among other coats but this one must have been calling my name. Luring me closer to it. The fit was ideal, the color charming, the price perfect and it had to me mine. 
For this wearing, I chose cranberry. A deep rich red that I think really pops with this yellow and still looks really sophisticated. Better yet I have a growing collection of deep red accessories that I can consistently pair with this coat in the future. Today its my original 40s tilt topper and deep red gloves. I love this hat! Its a very kooky shape that reminds me of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  The hat just has this slightly exaggerated look and the wired brim allows for some shaping. Another color I can pair with it are deep green, which I am really looking forward to doing. Another color I have been thinking of is purple. I suspect you will be seeing a great deal more of this charming coat in the future.