German Fashion Series: German Fashion in Photos

I'm Back! Some of you have noticed my prolonged silence here. Well I decided to take a break from blogging, social media and the whole bit for awhile. I needed a break and wanted some time to myself. During my break I took some time to plot the course for my future on this blog and I decided it needed some more German fashion. I had been thinking of doing this series since late last year and here it finally is. I have a lovely little collection of ladies from Germany  that really ought to have a little more screen time. Not only that but with the reenacting season looking hopeful, a little bit on how to dress the German civilian I thought was in order. What better way to study the clothes and style of the German gal than by her photos!?  I will still be doing some garment posts and I also have some plans for a German Fashion Look book bringing some these photos and looks to real life. But the way my life is going who knows what will happen. I have plans for beauty tutorials too but same thing . . .we will see what happens. In the means time did you see my guest posts  at The Leningrad Tailor? If not then I suggest you take a peek!