Bits of Red

Today is a little long sleeved number for spring and summer. I came to realize over the winter that I lacked long sleeved dresses for the spring so I sought to fix that. Enter this red floral piece with long sleeves, tie neckline and shirred body. The pattern? Surprise it is my favorite shirtwaist pattern. Once again I took my old standby and worked some pattern magic on it to get this final result. I do have some patterns in my 1941 and 1942 publications that are similar but I was kind of feeling lazy. Some of the alterations I did was adding some shirring to the lower body, changing the neckline, and I lengthened the sleeves. This was a fun dress to make and fun to wear too. It was a little different but I think it works well. The tie neckline is so much fun too although it is a little funny to tie juuuuust right. 

The accessories used to make the rest of this look include a wide brimmed 40s hat in straw, red leather belt, and red pumps. I chose white gloves here but easily could have gone with red. I am not sure what I will wear with this dress in the future, maybe more red or else blue for a patriotic look? I am sure the options will be plentiful the more I wear it. 


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