German Fashion in Photos, #2


Welcome back to another round of my German fashion series. Today I want to take a look at the companion of the young lady. I don't know if it is her mother, aunt, or a dear friend. One thing I do know is that she is much more mature. This lady is wearing what looks like a simple printed dress that has more 30s lines than 40s. Her skirt is definitely much longer in length, the dress is cut longer in length and may be in a princess cut. I do not see a waist line seam. Sleeves end at the elbow with a bit of puffing, a very 30s characteristic. Her neckline is a deep V line edged in a very feminine collar. with a bow.  I see no jewelry but maybe a ring on the hand.  . . Although it could just be a blemish too. Kind of hard to tell. Hair is very simple. Brushed back, smoothed out enough and then secured in the back of the head. Very simple style. Shoes? The shoes are blurry and are obscured by the foliage on the ground. Her outfit is very simple and does have a lot of 30s lines. It is possible this this dress was originally from the 30s and the wearer chose to wear it into the 40s for many reasons. I think this photo is really a great one for showing the blending of 40s and 30s fashion and how not everyone stayed immediately up to date on the latest trends. Although this lady is not entirely fashionable, she is well groomed, her attire is well maintained and she has an air of self respect. She is not sloppy at all.