Springtime Blues

Fashioned from a blue and cream fabric that I scored at a thrift store, this dreamy number is just ready for those warmer spring days.  The pattern that I used here was my favorite shirtwaist pattern with some alterations. I took this pattern because I knew it fit me well, was easy to alter and was close at hand. Some alterations I made were to the bodice of the dress and I also added a waterfall drape to the skirt. The skirt detail kind of blends into the skirt because of the busy print but I know its there and I love it. Will certainly be adding more of those to my projects. This dress was really inspired by the late 40s and body hugging dresses of the 50s. 

For this wearing I chose tans but I also almost went with dark brown . . Maybe for another day. Today was tan pumps, a straw hat, and cream colored semi sheer gloves. Pearls complete this look. Teh accessories I have here are very 40s. In fact the hat is a real 40s piece. The shoes are from BAIT footwear and are very 40s inspired. My hair was really inspired by Rita Hayworth in Covergirl. I was so enchanted by it that I just had to try it for myself. As of now I am very happy with it so I will be wearing it a LOT more. It needs a little more polishing but so far I am good with it.