Blue Bows


As of late, I am working really hard on sewing just from my stash and that now includes some of the feed sack cottons my mom left me. This was a small piece and I had to skimp on the sleeves to get a dress out of this one. To stretch the fabric, I did the skirt in a very good white cotton. I think the look really works and to make the skirt and bodice more connected I hand stitched all the little teal bows on the skirt. First I pinned each bow into position and then I carefully and slowly stitched each bow into its spot. It was a labor of love but I am really happy with my end result. I think it gives the dress a little bit of character and whimsy. One of the reasons I chose to do the bows on the skirt was to tie in with the little blue bows in the print of the fabric. It is such a cure little print and I would love to have more of it. Ah well . . .That is life isn't it? Don't we always want more but have to do with what we are given? This dress makes use of little green buttons all the way down which are all functional. Accessories to wrap up this look are a 40s bonnet in green, original 40s pumps, and a white belt. A floral corsage  completes the look. 

I have to say, if you want to be thrifty with fabric, mixing prints, solids, etc. is a great way to go. I remember when my mom bought this little feed sack print and it was not exactly cheap. It was supposed to be in a quilt, but I am not much of a quilter, so a dress it was. Pairing this printed cotton with a white cotton was an economical way to get a dress out of this piece. So why not a blouse? The bodice of this dress is not long enough to be tucked into anything so sewing a skirt was the only way to get this to work. You will see the sleeves are much shorter than I would normally wear and that was because I did not have much fabric to make them longer. So I would call this more of a 50s shirtwaist than a 40s. 


  1. Oh, I love the bows and green buttons! I like the idea of making your own ''fabric'' to go with the print just a woman would have done in the past. ''Make do and mend!''

    Best wishes, Dee

    1. Thank you so much! The little hand sewn bows give off a "make and mend vibe' for sure. And it was a great way to use up some bias binding too.


  2. This is very fascinating, You’re an excessively professional blogger.


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