German Fashion in Photos #4


More separates? Yes more separates with one dress in the middle. That is the attire we are looking at again. Starting from the left and going to the right. The gal on the left is wearing a plain blouse and skirt. Her blouse is of short sleeves and a high neckline. Her blouse is also tucked into her skirt which was a common look. Very seldom do blouses go  untucked. Her skirt is a very plain one. No pleats, tucks, etc. It is a simple A line skirt very typical of the 1940s. Her hair is another look we have already seen before. It is build up into a pomp in the front, swept over the ears and secured. Back of the head the hair is worn down. 

In the middle we have a lovely printed dress. I am guessing maybe a floral print??It is a fitted dress with a high slightly V neckline. It is hard to see clearly but there may be a collar there. I see no apparent waist seam here so that means this dress may be a princess seamed dress.  What is a princess seamed dress? Its a dress that has seams running from the shoulder to the hem line. These long seams are what give the dress its shape. If you are still curious about this style of dress then check out my past post featuring a 1941 princess seamed dress here. Its a really good line drawing that is also of German origin too. For her hair, it is swept back off the forehead and worn down at the back of the head. 

For the gal on the far right, we have a blouse and skirt again. The skirt here has some great pleats and there is also a belt. A popular 1940s accessory. In fact if you are looking to add accessories to a 40s wardrobe you really cannot beat a good belt. Normally not very expensive a belt helps cinch in a waist line and create a more hourglass look. Her blouse is very much like the other one. It does look like she may be wearing a brooch or have something on the end of a necklace. There is something there for sure but the photo is not quite clear enough to make it out. There is something on her wrist, looks like a bracelet. Her hair is curled, side parted and well styled ( well I think so, in fact all of the hair dos are). 

Overall, all three of these looks are very simple and plain. No hats, no gloves and very casual. I am not sure where these girls are, back yard or in the country, but I think these looks would be so easy to recreate for an event. Not only that but these looks would be easy to build on in the future. For the blouses and skirts, a jacket could be added at a future date for a more polished look. Then add gloves and a hat. . . .Gradually one could take a simple look and do much more with it.