German Fashion in Photos #5


Something different other than blouses and skirts, I bet you must me excited! Today we are looking at three lovely ladies, actually these are ladies we have already seen but they have changed their attire. I am guessing these ladies are visiting somewhere grand based on how dressed they are. They are wearing well made a well made coat, suit,  hats, and maybe light colored gloves too. Shoes are a sturdy walking type but one looks like she may be in heels. Two of these ladies may also be wearing nylons. 
Starting at the left again. Lady number one is wearing a more styling dress that ends below the knee, has long sleeves and a neckline that may be filled in with scarf. I am guessing a scarf because it looks a little puffy. Wearing a scarf to fill in a neckline was not an uncommon fashion choice. In many German fashion magazines and pattern books this  was seen. Her hat has some style to it being of a medium sized brim that dips in the front. Leg and footwear. I am thinking she may be wearing stockings in this photo. Her legs have a darker tone than the rest of the visible skin and I am thinking its not shadow. If you look close, her leg kicks out and there is still a slight color change. She is wearing a pump too. It is a more stylish shoe than what the rest of the women are wearing . Gloves? I cannot tell for sure but it looks like she is wearing very dark ones. Her hands look very dark especially in comparison to the other girl's hand if you look super close. 

Lady in the middle is wearing a blouse, skirt, and what appears to be a long length coat.  If you look closely the lines of the coat, worm open, can be seen. Honestly, before I cropped and enlarged this lady I thought she was wearing a suit. Upon much closer inspection it looks to be a coat now. Even looking at her hemlines, you can see the skirt and then the coat are different lengths (the coat is longer). At the breast of the coat I am guessing is a pocket filled with a pocket square or something else. The blouse has a small collar. Under the coat is a blouse and skirt, pieces we may have already seen. This gal is one we have seen before in previous phots already. Here she is wearing socks and a good heeled walking shoe. She is not wearing a hat here and she may not be wearing gloves either. If she is, they are of a very light and natural color. 

Our last lady is wearing a suit hat, and some very sensible walking shoes. Her suit is a plain cut and looks like it may be a double breasted one too. Both double and single breasted suit jackets were popular. The suit has a square cut to the shoulders (almost all 1940s tailored suits had shoulder pads to get the desired shoulder shape). I don't know about you but I love her hat! Its is a classic shape with a brim that dips down over the face. Her blouse underneath is a high neckline blouse. It looks like she may be wearing stockings based on how dark her legs look in comparison to her face. Much darker than just shadowing. It looks like she may be holding something but I have no idea what that is. She looks to be wearing a very small pin of some sort on the lapel of her suit.  Glove? I don't think so unless they are of a light and neutral color. 

What a variety of looks from these ladies - a look with a dress, a suit, and a look with separates and a coat. This is one of my favorites because of all the different looks offered here. To wrap up I am going to talk about their hair dos. All three of these women have curled hair that sits just at the shoulder line or a bit higher. The light does hit the hair in a way that it looks like there may be some great waves going on. Aside from the waves, these hair dos are not extravagant at all.