German Fashion in Photos #9


Here is a lovely family portrait and her is the reason why I have kept this whole series on the blog and not on FB. You will notice the man in the middle is wearing a German uniform while one to the left and right are some ladies, I am guessing wife and daughter. Starting with the woman on the left, I see a really smart dress that makes use of some color blocking (possibly). Color blocking is when you use two or more different fabrics together to make a whole dress or garment. It is a very economical way to make an outfit and is so very 40s.  The shoulder line appears very square so I am thinking her dress may have shoulder pads in it. Her outfits appears rather fashionable, although not high fashion. Her leg wear is a heel of some sort , you can kind of see the heel, and she appears to be wearing a thicker stocking. Darker, thicker stockings are period correct and were made of cotton, silk, rayon or a blend. They would have still been seamed. 

The gal on the right, I am thinking, is the daughter. Her dress is very simple and plain except for her initials on the front. I love monogramed items like this, so personalized and so very period too. Honestly, I think personalized items like clothing are vastly underrepresented. Her dress has a squared shoulder so I am guessing there may be shoulder pads there too. Her leg wear is a plain shoe and a thicker stocking  like her mother's. Like her mother, her look appears to be fashionable but not high fashion. 

Hair, here, we have two different hair styles. On the right, her hair is worn down, curled, and is swept away from the face. On the left, her hair is up and secured into what I think may be a bun the back of head. 

As a final note, this photo was taken with snow on the ground. It must have been chilly but the ladies are not wearing sweaters of any kind. It is possible these dresses may be their winter attire given the background.