Pretty in Pinks


Rain, a hallmark of spring. Just because it is raining or about to rain doesn't mean  I have to abandon all glamour. In fact it means I can break out a rather unused and under appreciated accessory. The umbrella. My pink umbrella is a pretty one in my opinion with a creamy colored celluloid handle. To really give it some charm there is a tassel o the handle just below the hook. I don't use my vintage umbrellas when it is a hard rain but a light sprinkle? oh yes. I used to be all about collecting vintage umbrellas but finding them in good condition was hard. In addition to my umbrella, a rain coat. I love this rain coat because it looks so vintage but is indeed a modern piece. Some items are just timeless. 

A pink 40s suit really brightens up this look and also keeps me warm. This suit is made of a lovely wool that is thicker than most of my suits. With this suit I chose black accessories and my Covergirl hair do. I really like black with this suit and hopefully will pair black with this suit again when the weather warms up again.  A silk leopard scarf ties the look together and I really like this addition. 


  1. I love your pink look! The umbrella is a wonderful addition. And, I think this hairstyle really suits you. It looks great!



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