A Basic 1940s Make Up Tutorial


As much as I blog about 40s beauty and fashion, would you believe it that I have not done a make up tutorial for a typical 40s look complete with red lip? I have done a few for getting an authentic German look but not really an American look. Today I am trying my hand at it. I'm a little new to this so hang with me. I am sure after a few of these I will become an old hand. To get started, my basic supplies. Personally, I use Besame. I know there are a lot of haters out there for this product but I love their stuff and it is all I use. I like the quality, the colors, the packaging, and how long it lasts. I have lip stick going on 3 years old, my cake mascara going on 2 and powder a few months now.  For me, I am using the brown cake mascara, soft focus 1952 powder and the victory red lip stick, and apricot cream rouge.  For tools, I am using my fingers for the rouge and then the mascara wand and then eye liner brush. For blending my power I do use the finishing brush. 

To get the ball rolling I started with a clean face. In order to build a building, one needs a good foundation. 
I then apply a light bit of the cream rouge. I admit, I apply mine a little on the light side because I know I can apply more later on if I want to. I do use my fingers to apply it and then blend, blend, blend. I do use a rouge brush on occasion. I do apply mine the Westmore way so I go from the ears, down to the jaw line and then just under the cheek bone. I have a square face and the Westmore Book recommends a sqaure face apply it this way to get a more oval looking face shape. 
Powder! I apply power all over my face, neck and even my ears. I admit, I apply a lot of power because the more the merrier. Once I am happy with it, I  brush off the excess and blend more. 

Cake mascara! I admit this stuff takes some getting used to and requires practice. I remember my first attempts were really awful. I had the stuff all over my face. Practice, practice, practice is what I highly suggest. I do use the mascara brush to mix the product and then apply it, I found it very helpful. I apply a rather medium to light layer of the product on my lashes. As for the eye liner, apply a very thin line to be authentic for a 40s look and NO CAT EYE WING! It is a 50s thing, not a 40s thing. Today we are all about the 40s. . . . The 40s did favor a strong eye brow so I did take my mascara brush with mascara and apply it to my brows. You can see the difference, I know I can. 
The eye on the right is just mascara on the lashes, the left has the mascara on the lashes and as eye liner. 
A quick application to the brows . . . 
Lip stick!! The fun part. I am using the Besame victory Red today. A 40s lip is a little different than a modern lip. A 40s lip is slightly exaggerated at the upper lip and the lower lip just a bit. The upper lip gets large arches, drawn just outside the natural lip.  The lips will look almost blobby. 
Here you can see one half of my lip has the red and you can see the change of shape that I drew. The lipstick is just outside the natural lip line and gently arched. 
I made a boo boo. My lip stick was kind of mess at the top and not even at all. No worries, I took a lip brush and did some drawing and smoothing out. Make up isn't always perfect. . . I call it character. 
Touch up time! I took some extra powder and did some touching up. . . . 
Viola! My final result. Here you can see my brows are a little bit darker and more defined than usual and my lip stick has that classic 40s look where the lip line is slightly exaggerated.  Next time I will do a hair tutorial so stay tuned for more!