A Plum Evening in 40s Style


As a part of my vintage haul from Lake Shore Antiques I got this amazing plum purple 40s dress with silver beading at the neckline and hips. I loved the silver scallops so much, such a detail! Although my sequin work is getting better, beads are not always my friend so I happily bought this one because I knew I would never get to sew on beads quite like this (and get a professional result!). When I bought this one, it was in need of shoulder pads which I added right away. I used my felt shoulder pads which are firm and hole their shape really well. If you want to know how I made mine, then check out my tutorial here. To complete this look, I chose my amazing 40s feathered hat. I don't wear this one too often because I don't want to damage the feathers but I had to wear it here, it just really is a statement piece. Also with this look are my silver fox stoles which I clipped together to get a really long wrap. I am still looking for a vintage one that is long but for now clipping the two together is working fine. 


  1. Great color combination! It's very luxurious. The hat is adorable! And the beading is lovely, too. :)



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