German Fashion in Photos #10


Back at it again! For today's German fashion show I have three lovely girls wearing what appear to be coats and head scarves. If you look closely, there are stockings one at least one gal. How do I know one is wearing stockings? The color of her legs is darker than the rest of her exposed skin and there is a distinct sheen on the legs that only nylon or silk can give off. I don't see any gloves on the girls so that is interesting to note. Shoes appear to be simple from the front and side suggesting these girls chose a practical shoe for the day. I love the head scarves here and I want to talk about those for awhile. I think these are a really important detail because these are a very cheap option for any woman who struggles with period hair dos. I think there is too much pressure to get a period hair style and that it be *perfect* as well. Well I think a period do does not need to be perfect and if hair is just not your strong point, then a scarf may be your blessing in disguise. The coats are following the typical trends of the 40s. The shoulder is very angular, the waist is nipped in. Hems are past the knee. Finding a period coat can be a little tricky and it can be a hefty investment as well. In finding a period coat, knowing what to look for is half the battle.