Before Summer Goes . . . .

Summer is not over yet, in fact it has a little ways to go, but before summer goes I want to share some pictures of my summer shenanigans. Most of my summer was spent working but I did get a couple days off to have fun and enjoy life. Those days were spent at some local car shows checking out the vintage rides of yesteryear. I also discovered a new past time at the car shows . . . finding a car to match my outfit. Well, color wise anyways. It all started with a mid 50s Oldsmobile that happened to match, almost exactly, the color of my light purple suit! Now I ask you, what are the odds of that happening??? The owner was even impressed I think and she let me sit inside of her car. What kind and what a fun photo opportunity. 

At the same car show, another car owner was so enthralled with my attire that he asked for photos in front of his car and I naturally agreed. It was a beautiful Bel-Air in the prettiest blue color. In fact, I am now in search for a vintage dress in this color because it is a color I have been seeing a lot of at car shows. 

Later on in the summer I hit another car show and and guess who found another car to match her outfit. Me! This was a fun show because the sweetheart had a vehicle as a part of the show this time and there was also a pin up contest that I may be participating in next year. 

Well that is the fun part of my summer, matching my outfits to cars,  enjoying life with those close to me, and making the days of others with my attire. I had a lot of people come up to me at the shows saying they loved my outfits and I admit, I love to hear that. A lot of times it brings up very fond memories and stories. It is amazing how something as simple as clothing, and yes cars,  can bring up the memories of years gone by and build relationships with strangers. 


  1. There is a lady in the UK on Instagram ''tooshorttopincurl'' that has been playing that game of matching her outfits to cars for many years. How fun that you are playing that game too!
    Best wishes, Dee


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