German Fashion in Photos #12


Today is all about this lovely portrait of what I want to believe is a mother and daughter. The young miss is wearing a floral printed dress with a square neckline that buttons down the front bodice. The neckline is trimmed as well as the sleeves in what look like rick rack. The girl's hair is in two braids, a very common and popular hair do for young ladies. The mother is wearing a white blouse with simple pearl buttons and a dark skirt. The mother is also wearing an edelweiss necklace, a jewelry motif that was incredibly popular at this time. Her hair is very simple and plain. Her hair is side parted and has just a slight wave to it. I think her hair must be in a bun in the back because I don't see any hair at the back of the head peeking out and her hair is confined.  Neither lady is wearing make up.  In the lower right hand corner there is something very amazing which I am now seeing for the first time. A stamp of the photographer! This tells me this was possibly taken in a studio.