Making 2 1940s Style Floral Tilt Hats

 Over the summer I was dreaming up some new wardrobe additions, tutorial ideas, and doing a little online shopping as well. One item, ok some, items I wanted to add were some floral tilt hats to add a touch of feminine to my hat collection. As of now, I have mostly masculine felt tilt hats or else dainty straw creations from the 40s to the 50s but I did not have an all floral tilt hat, not even one. I sought to correct that until I saw some of the price tags. I was surprised at how much these all floral tilt hats were running for price. Some were all of $300 and up and the ones that were under $50 had sadly seen better days. After some searching and some pondering I decided to take the pictures of the floral tilt hats that I liked the most and try to recreate them. After much sorting, I settled on two tilt hats that I was going to try to recreate and I also decided that I would turn them into tutorials as well. Why? Because I figured that like me, you would not want to sink hundreds of dollars into hat either.  

The first hat that I aimed to recreate was a floral tilt hat with red - purple and blue-purple violets with hints of red in it. I really liked this one because I like purple and I am slowly building up my collection of purple accessories. To recreate this one, I bought a hat base and some vintage millinery flowers. I chose to buy a base to work off of because I know from experience that I am not that great at making hat bases. To go with this, i chose some small flowers and some green netting for a touch of the dramatic. 

The second tilt hat was much less expensive but had some visible damage and for this one I chose to recrate it. I chose light yellow, ivory and touches of pink. The original had black netting for dramatic effect and I too chose black netting. I liked the contrast. For this hat, I chose to purchase a base on which to work off of as well. Another bonus to just buying the base was that then I could go ahead and get to the fun part which was arranging all the pretty flowers.  

In my planning, I decided to make a light floral hat and then a dark floral hat so that I could have both options at my disposal and because I could not decide which ones to make first . . So I did both. To get these projects started, I ordered some vintage flowers in the color I wanted as well as two hat bases. I took the easy route in ordering these bases because this way I would have an easy base to arrange my floral pieces. To help keep the hats on, I stitched small plastic combs into the interior. 

To start, I stitched netting all around the edge of the base. I kind of forgot to get pictures of that but I did get some of the underside where you can see the netting. Once I had that in place, I got to the fun stuff (the flowers). I played with all sorts of arrangements but I started on the outside and worked my way in to the center. 

Looking forward to seeing the final creation? Then stay tuned for my next post! I'm very excited for this show and tell!