Shopping for Vintage on Poshmark

Did you know you can shop for vintage on Poshmark (If you are in the United States and Canada)? Well you can! I was surprised by it myself when I was looking into it but you most definitely can and you can find some great deals too. Poshmark is best known as a modern fashion and home goods shopping platform but as long as the item is accurately described,  home made fashion and vintage fashion is more than welcome to be bought and sold. So how do you shop for vintage on Poshmark? Well to be honest you have to be a dedicated searcher. It will not just pop out on you. Key words will be your best friend and so will be looking for sold items and scrolling to the bottom to see items similar still available for sale. 

Use Key Words 

Key words. Keep in mind exactly what your are looking for and be very aware of brand names such as, for example,  Lilli Ann. When I was looking for vintage I had to know exactly the brands I wanted and right now my top favorites are Lilli Ann, Coro, Weiss, etc. If you are not a big brand name shopper when it comes to vintage, change your strategy for shopping on this site because it makes a big difference. Poshmark is very brand driven so keep that in mind. Looking for a certain style of dress or fiber or detail? Use that to your advantage. In addition to brand names, be creative when searching. I found lots of great 40s and 50s pieces under "Sexy Secretary" of all searches. 

Search for Similar Items 

Once you find something that you like, even if it already sold, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find lots of similar items. I have found already that once I find that one item I like, scroll to the bottom, and viola! I will find items that suit my search better that did not even pop up in my initial search feed. I have found some great things that way such as vintage hats and jewelry. If similar items do not automatically pop up at the bottom of your page you can search similar by color or by size. I have found some great stuff by searching for similar items by color. 

Follow Sellers

Find an item you like? Like the item and then follow that Posher (or seller) on the site. You will need to have an account to do this but where there is one item, I bet there will be more from that seller and to follow them is well worth it. Right now I have already followed some simply because they had one piece of jewelry or clothing I really liked. Well worth it because next thing I knew they listed more. Normally people who sell vintage also collect it and they will have more than just one item. 

Make an Offer 

See something you really liked? Make an offer! You can do this on Poshmark and it can be accepted or declined. You can also like an item and save it for later. You may be surprised because you many get an offer from the seller. I scored a great original 40s rayon dress this way. I saw it, liked it and waited. I waited for about a day or so and the seller sent me a private offer. It was too good to pass up and I now have a stunning black rayon dress from the 40s that was a bargain! The dress condition? Nearly Perfect. 

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Just One More Bit . . . .

So, can you find great vintage on Poshmark? Yes you can but you need to work for it. Vintage is definitely in the minority on this site compared to Etsy but it is there and priced to move too. As a heads up, there is mostly true 80s pieces but I found a lot of really nice 50s and 40s pieces that were marked as 80s. They were miss marked. This is common even in Etsy so just because it says 80s does not mean that it is. Aside from clothes, there is a lot of great vintage jewelry, handbags and more. If you are willing to put in the effort you will be rewarded on this site. Another hint for you . . .If you create an account and follow me on Poshmark I do search through the platform on a regular basis for excellent vintage and share it to my followers. hint, hint.