Preparing for a Very Vintage Thanksgiving


It is getting closer to that time of year when we approach my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving. I love it. It is by far my most favorite day of the year actually because I love to cook and decorate. I love setting a pretty table and Thanksgiving is my opportunity to do so. This year will be my second year hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family (by family I mean my dad and boyfriend and my cats but this year I plan on having company over). Its not a big party by any means but I show my love and affection for those I care about by cooking. What better day for cooking than Thanksgiving! Last year was my first time hosting because my mom had passed away. In years previous, she always did the cooking and prep work. Now that she is passed, I have taken up the baton. 

I remember last year so well. It was the very first time I had ever cooked a turkey. Honestly, I was so scared of the turkey being either over cooked or undercooked. The image of the bone dry turkey from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation kept floating in my head. Either that or one that was undercooked! I did not want to be the one to make us all sick! I was worried about getting everything cooked in time, getting everything on the table, you name it. Geeze, I think I misplaced the gravy boat twice. The second time I lost it I was holding it (senior moment). Thankfully everything turned out fine. just fine. Now that this will be my second year, I am going into this year more confident. I guess that is something only experience can give. 

In getting ready for the season, I have already started a good deep cleaning and the cleaning schedules and advice from the Mid Century Modern Mommy have been super helpful! I knew how to clean before but her idea of actually writing down and making a list have proved to be surprisingly helpful. You can find her cleaning content here . This year I found myself just super busy, more than usual, and have been more stressed out than normal. By writing everything I needed to do down on a piece of paper, it made my to do list more manageable. What looked like a lot to do really didn't look too bad in reality. Already the house looks much better and I am actually going to type out a more permanent routine for my fridge. 

Menu planning. Last year I made a hand written menu and shopping list to make sure I had everything for the big dinner. That helped a lot and this year I did the same thing. My menu is done and so is my shopping list. Now I just have to get everything! This year I will be adding a couple new menu items for variety and also because I want to try a couple new recipes. 

To be honest, my dining chairs are not very attractive. They are super old and need some TLC in the cosmetics department. This year to dress them up I plan on making slip covers for them. Something I can pull on and off with ease and even toss in the wash I need to. I have been meaning to make these slip covers for  *years* but hopefully this year will be the year! I have the supplies and the time so now I just need the motivation. 

When the day gets closer I will pull out my good dishes and haul out the fancy table decor. Naturally it will have a vintage flair! My dad and boyfriend don't really care to much about the table setting (they are more interested in the food) so the decorative table setting is really all for me. As much as I love cooking for those I love it is a lot of work and I always try to add in a little something for me. Besides, I am the one doing the work. This time I year I also treat myself to a new frock as a treat for all the work. I know it is a little frivolous but sometimes a new dress makes all the difference.