January Menu of the Month


January Menu of the Month

Main Dish: Clove and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham 
Breads: Yeast Dinner Rolls withButter
Sides: Deviled Eggs, Seared Kale
Dessert: Golden Spice Cake 

Something quite new to the blog today (well, kind of new). A really long time ago when I was learning to cook, I did have a couple of food related posts on the blog but, I did not keep up with them. Instead clothing related posts took over and food was tossed to the wayside. But life has taken me in a new direction and I'm taking my blog along with me. So, I hope you like food as much as I do because about once a month, I will be doing a menu of the month. Most of my cooking comes out of my vintage cookbook collection and since I am doing more cooking than sewing lately, I figured why not add a new feature to the ol' blog.  That and I always dress my table up in vintage style. 

I never knew that I would grow to enjoy cooking so much to the point that I would collect vintage cookbooks, table setting pieces, tablecloths, etc. Not kidding. I guess at one point I decided that why should I only dress myself when I could dress my dining table and rest of the house? Since I live in a vintage house, I figured why not just keep on going. Thankfully finding vintage kitchen and dining items is pretty easy where I am at, and online shopping as made it even easier although I seldom buy glass wear online. Personally, I don't have an issue with using old glass pieces, but I am super, incredibly picky. 

On my table I have a vintage tablecloth, I change it out once a week or as needed. I have a nice collection of them that I accumulated over the years. One here, one there and now I have a modest collection of them. I love the cold and colorful florals. In addition to tablecloths, I love to collect Fire King cook wear which is very appropriate for the 40s and 50s because my light blue colorway was when it was made.  Not only is it very 40s period correct but it is rather plentiful and when I was collecting it, it was cheap. Salt and pepper shakers? Yes, those are vintage too. I have a soft spot for ducks so when I found these for a whopping $5 I had to take them home. I have had them for a very long time now and adore them. So cute!! Cookbooks? Why of course! I really learned to cook using these books because they were simple recipes. Some of the recipes I still use now because they have proven to be not only tasty and reliable, but crowd pleasing too! That is a win - win! In fact, the cake you see for dessert was from my 1930s baking book and is a Golden Spice Cake. To elevate it just a touch, I added a pecan and brown sugar crumble. Everyone I cook for has a sweet tooth so I have to do a dessert once in a while. 


  1. I love it! I cook pretty much everything from my vintage cookbook collection. I think I have about 50 now! Currently, I am making hot lunches for my kids every day (since they are homeschooling) from the vintage lunch calendars in the Parents' Magazine Family Cookbook from 1953.

    1. That is wonderful! My cookbook collection isn't near as large as yours! I just started making boxed lunches for my sweetheart last week as he goes to work. Much cheaper than going to a restaurant each day.


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