Hiking in Vintage Style


I try to lead a very active lifestyle and while on my mini vacation, the sweetheart and I took in some hiking at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. I love it here; it is beyond beautiful and there is so much to take in. In addition to the stunning rock formations, sprawling trees and wildflowers, there is even an 1840s historic home to tour, The Lusk Home. For someone who enjoys nature and old houses, this place is amazing. Of course, I did it in vintage style and it sure did keep up with me too. The jeans are made by me using a pattern that followed the trend for wide legged trousers popular in the 40s, the blouse is thrifted, the jacket is a modern item with great vintage vibes. The boots are my hard wearing tough and tumble working boots. Vintage style but not true vintage pieces are the pieces that I choose for the portions of my life I want to be super active and not worry about if I will rip something. The pieces I am wearing here are basically the same pieces I wear while at work on the farm.