Product Review: Little Bits Cosmetics Company


Last year a friend told me about a small cosmetics company on Etsy that sold period correct beauty products from the 1800s to the 1940s. This company really sparked my interest and over the course of the year I experimented with a sampling of their products from face powders, cream rouge, vanishing cream, cold cream, setting lotions, pomade, and more. In the end, I found that I really loved their hair products from the rose scented curl set product and the rose pomade to start. They even have a selection of skin care products that I fell in love with like the Milk of Roses.  Sadly, I found that their face powders and cream rouges did not work too well for me but their cold creams and vanishing creams worked out really well.  For today, I really want to go into why I fell head over feet for their hair care products. 

If getting a period correct hair style is your goal, for 1800s or 1930s then I think you need to start with the correct tools and products. By using period products, I do believe you get a better end result, and you can connect with how the original cast may have managed to achieve such hair do wonders. Sure, you can use a modern product, but it just won't quite be the same. It's hard to explain but it's true. For me, I strive for authentic looks by wearing vintage clothes or else pieces made by me using the best materials I can. When it comes to my hair, it does not stop, and I try to use authentic hair techniques and styles. Well, now I can say I use authentic setting lotions, pomades, and more. What is so cool about the Little Bits Cosmetics Company is that they faithfully as possible recreate old recipes using original recipes and period correct materials. On their shopping site, a history of the product and the ingredients is listed as well. What I really love about their products is that they use ingredients that I know how to pronounce! So very refreshing in this day and age. Not only are the products faithfully reproduced but their packaging is so incredible! their bottles, jars, and the labels on them look as if they were pulled off of original products. This makes these items great to take to a reenactment and look downright cool on my vanity. 

Rose Curl Set 

The first hair product that I used from them was the Rose Curl Set. The ingredients are simple and effective, and it smells divine, just like roses. From a 1934 recipe, the purpose of this product is to make curls last longer and boy does it work. In the summer, heat and humidity are the arch enemy for my curls. There were times last summer that I would set my hair like normal, and the curls turned into waves right immediately after pulling the pins out. Not ideal and very depressing. So, to get my curls to last longer I tried the rose curl set and what results!! My curls were able to defy the moisture and humidity and my hair stayed curly and smelled great.  I have really fine and straight hair so getting my hair to hold a curl can be a frustrating challenge in the summer. I have tried other modern curl setting lotions, but they all had too much conditioner that made my hair flat in the end. Thankfully this product does not have that and actually uses a really simple ingredient base that has a focus more on hold. A little goes a long way and I like to buy the one-ounce drip emitter bottle because it lasts me quite awhile.  I applied it after I towel dried my wet hair to get rid of excess water. After I combed and sectioned my hair, I dripped some of the curl set into my hands, rubbed, and then worked it into my hair. Then I set my curls. How much to use? That depends on your own needs and I have found that I can use to much of this product. Too much and my hair gets way to hard and when brushed out is not curly but a mess. Use the right amount and I get the perfect curl. 

Rose Pomade and French Pomade 

Once I get my hair brushed out, to make my hair smooth and have a slight shine, I like to use the rose pomade or the French pomade. There are a lot of pomade products on their site, but these are my current favorites. . . Like the curl set, the ingredients for these are simple and effective. I use a little bit of this product and rub it into my hands. Then I work it into my hair and style my hair as I want. I will also use the pomade as a finish to tame any fuzzies and fly aways baby hairs. A little bit goes a really long way and the product smells great too. In fact, you could even use it as a solid perfume, which I have done before. When I was using this over last summer, I knew I had found a winning product because people kept asking how I got my hair so shiny looking and how I got my victory rolls to look so tame. The answer? Pomade. 

Dr. Reeds Brillianttine. 

I just started to use this product because I was feeling adventurous, and I wanted to give my hair that extra shine that I was seeing all the time in period photos. I applied it just like directed and wowzers! I applied a couple of drips into my hands, rubbed them together and patted my hair where I wanted the gloss. Next, I took a small teasing comb and carefully combed the product into the styled hair to work in the product. A little bit really went a long way and it was very easy to over do it. I was able to get a great gloss to my hair once it was styled and it was a shine that did not look greasy ( just use a little bit though!!) The pomade worked great on getting a shine but this is a better shine. The masculine scent is very light so its is not overpowering and I thought it did not fight with the other scented products I had used.   Like the other products, the packaging is awesome. 

Note, I was not compensated in any way for this review. I just really liked their products and wanted to share! I have a hard time finding good hair products myself and figured I could not have been alone.