Somewhere over the Rainbow


The blue gingham dress jumper at last. I love how this one turned out so cute and I feel like Dorothy and although I do not have a Toto, I do have a very large cat that . . well . . . looks like he ate Toto.  For this outfit I chose a white blouse, red pumps and pearls. I think you can guess where the idea for red shoes came from and if not then I think you have a movie to watch. This dress jumper was so fast and easy to make, it was the sewing project that I needed to just get back into the groove and a project to keep my hands busy over the Memorial Day weekend.  Sometimes I just need those easy projects especially now with blueberry season upon me. This time of year I really don't have time for any sewing or really much time to do anything for that matter but work, work, work. That's ok though because it is always fun when we get into season. 


  1. That's SO cute. What does the back look like?

    1. Thank you! The back is very plain. I have a photo of it in my previous post about how this piece came together here:

  2. Ah, this is so fetching on you! The cut, the style, the neat backdrop, and the trim around the pockets! We’ll done and thanks for sharing.


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