A Fabulous New 40s Hair Do


So, I tried a new 40s hair do. For a long time I have admired the updos of the 1940s, particularly the ones that have that wave or dip in the front. I have been trying to replicate it for myself for a long time and I finally got it. The secret was using a duckbill clip and lots of hair spray. To start, my usual pin curl set and the brush out, Next, I took a front section. I teased the back of it and pushed it to the front and ended the back in a small roll. By pushing it to the front I got a nice little pompadour, enough volume to play with, and then I took a duck bill clip and squished down a part of the hair. Last I coated it with lots of hair spray. It still needs some work but it is the closest I have gotten in a long time to getting this coveted hair do. 

My outfit is a striped shirtwaist I made a long time ago. The fabric and buttons were all thrifted finds that I whipped up together to create a basic, yet, timeless look. Paired with is are these amazing yellow pumps from BAIT footwear. I never realized how often I wear these yellow pumps, they just go with so much I already own. 

Blueberries! Ok, so they are not blue yet but, they will be very soon! In fact, by the time you are reading this they will be blue already. Very blue!!