1940s Hair Tutorial with Floral Combs


Hi there1 I hope you are enjoying these hair tutorials because here is another one. This one was one I showed on my FB and it was so popular that I decided to do a tutorial for it. I have the step by step photos here and the video tutorial at the end. I love how this one turned out and you can use almost any hair flowers you want. I chose to use my floral combs which I did a tutorial on here. To get this style, I did pin curl my hair and then I brushed it out. That is where this tutorial starts. Once the hair was brushed out, I then did a side part. 

Take the smaller section of hair from your side part and wrap it around your fingers like making a small victory roll. Pin into place. Don't worry if yours turns out sloppy, most of the roll will be covered with flowers especially if they are on the larger side. 

Next, take the larger section of hair and tease it at the base of the head. Bring the section of hair upwards. 
Take the ends of the hair and wrap them around the ends of the fingers like you are making a victory roll. This simply contains the ends of the hair in a tidy way. Pin the roll to the head. The roll does not need to stock upwards. I pined mine to be flat on my head. What I wanted was volume towards the front of the head and then something like a wave for the flowers to nest in. 

Now, take your flowers. Mine here are on combs. Insert the combs into the hair style. I used two combs for this look but depending on the size of your flowers you may use only one. 

Ta da!! That's it! Here are the final shots of this hair style and at the end is a quick video on how I did this hair style. 


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